Chit- Chat With Ranvijay And Zayed!

Chit- Chat With Ranvijay And Zayed!

Chit- Chat With Ranvijay And Zayed!

After 7 years, Zayed Khan has made his comeback with his upcoming project Sharafat toh gyi tel lene. We have earlier seen him in his action packed avatar in Dus and apart from that, he showed us his comic timings in Mai hoon na.

Now, he is going to treat all his fans with his completely newavatar. I am sure you would have not seen him like this before. Along with him, Sharafat gyi tel lene also comprises of a known face from the world of television : Ranvijay Singh.

Chit- Chat With Ranvijay And Zayed!

Rannvijay Singh & Zayed Khan

In a conversation with One World News, both of them shared their experience of working together and all the masti they did on the sets.

1. How much fun did you have off screen?

Zayed: Well, it was great fun working together. When you play a character like that of a friend or roommate and if you are friends in real life too, it adds to your experience.

2. Ranvijay, how was the working experience with Anupam Kher?Did you have a chance to get some tips?

Ranvijay: It was the first time I was working with him. He is a very humble person and down to earth. On the very first day he made me comfortable and yes, I learnt a lot from him.

Chit- Chat With Ranvijay And Zayed!

Zayed Khan, Akhilesh Jain, Rannvijay Singh & Devinder Jain

3. Like you know, there is a buzz of 100 crore throughout Bollywood.What all parameters you keep in mind while selecting a script?

Ranvijay: To be very frank running in this race is not our priority.We would like to entertain audiences and honestly, if we get 100 crore, I will try to make more movies and would keep entertaining.

Zayed: Of course, being part of 100 crore is not the sole purpose for me. My aim is to entertain people. If you watch the movie, you will definitely find it engaging as it is the story of an ordinary person and you would connect to them.

4. How was the working experience in Delhi for both of you?

Ranvijay: Shooting in Delhi was fun as locations were real. We had lots of fun roaming on streets because we had to shoot a major part here in Delhi.

Zayed: For me the best part was to shoot in the streets of Delhi in a Maruti 800.You can only imagine how much we enjoyed.

5. Zayed, you have done action roles as well as comedy so, what did you find more difficult?

See, I believe in playing challenging roles. It is great to do action roles but there I feel acting happens very little. But if you particularly talk between two of them I think it is more difficult to make anyone laugh.

Chit- Chat With Ranvijay And Zayed!

Devinder Jain, Rannvijay Singh, Zayed Khan & Akhilesh Jain

6. You people told earlier that you have also showcased some social issues. So, what according to you is biggest social issue that prevails in India?

Zayed: According to me Swach Bharat Abhiyaan is a core issue right now. I think awareness of basic cleanliness among everyone is really important.

Ranvijay: Yeah, I think Zayed is absolutely right. Cleanliness should be the priority for every Indian.

7. How was the experience with Tenna Desai?

Zayed: She is a wonderful human being. She is very dedicated to her work and of course Ranvijay was always there to crack jokes on her.

8. So, what at the last you want to convey to your fans?

We just want to ask you to go and watchthe movie and have lots of fun in life. And don’t forget to take selfies!

Well, if you are also a fun loving person, then go ahead and watch Sharafat toh gyi tel lene!

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