Chit- Chat with Cast of ‘Rahasya’!

Chit- Chat with Cast of ‘Rahasya’!

Chit- Chat with Cast of ‘Rahasya’!

A movie that was surrounded by so many controversies has finally released. There were many speculations about the movie and after a period of 11 months, courts finally allowed its release.

On one fine evening, One World News got the chance to have a conversation with the cast of the movie, and to know about their experience of working in Rahasya.

1. Rahasya is your first movie. How was the experience of working in it?

Sakshi: As a child artist I have done some movies. But as an adult, this is my first movie and I am quite excited and nervous about it. The movie has a great script. It is a suspense thriller which consists of some intense scenes that are beautifully performed by the actors.

“Based on the Aarushi Murder case?” A ‘Rahasaya’ - oneworldnews

Sakshi Sem

2. There are speculations that this movie is based on the biggest murder mystery of India i.e. the Aarushi Murder case.Is it true?

Manish Gupta: I have repeatedly said that the movie doesn’t have any connections with the Aarushi Murder case. We have portrayed grey shades of human nature in the movie. It is completely a suspense thriller thatis very engaging and gripping.

3. Haveyou also raised some social issues in the movie related to our young generation or about our society?

Manish Gupta: No, not really. As I told you earlier, it is a story of a couple whose only child gets killed in their own apartment. Thus, the real story starts when efforts are made to find the killer of Ayesha Mahajan. According to me, the actors have done justice to their characters and I am sure that the audiences would like it.

4. You are known to have done versatile characters. Tell me something about your character in the movie?

Tisca: Yes, I like doing different characters. I had other options too, but I decided to play this character. This was because I believe that it was not about my look in the movie. For me if anything matters, it is that how my character is gripping and engaging with the audience. As an actor, we all want to evolve and grow. Hence, it is important for us to play good characters.

“Based on the Aarushi Murder case?” A ‘Rahasaya’ - oneworldnews

Tisca Chopra

5. Apart from acting you are a very good writer. So out of the two, what interests you more?

Tisca: Well, this is very difficult to answer. I am passionate about both. Whenever I get time between my shooting schedules, I write. This writing is based on my observations.

6. Sakshi, share something about your future plans for the Bollywood Industry?

I am lucky that I got a break through a wonderful movie. Of course I would like to play the characters that suit me. But before that, I want to complete my studies. I am a mass communication student who enjoys travelling, writing and exploring.

7. You are playing the character of a mother. How is your real life experience of motherhood?

I have a 2 year old daughter who talks a lot. Being a mother is a wonderful experience, but being the mother of a girl child, I feel that taking the current condition into consideration, I have to remain more attentive and proactive to provide her an environment that is physically safe for her.

8. So, what all do you expect out of the movie and what do you want to convey to your viewers?

Manish: I would just like to say that go and watch Rahasya. I am sure that you would like it. It will surely enthrall the audiences.

Picture Credits : Shahrukh Siddiqui

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