China Conducted Military Drill near AP’s Border, Right After Pak Releases Fake News

China Conducted Military Drill near AP’s Border, Right After Pak Releases Fake News

11 Hour Drill Held by Chinese Military along India’s Border In Sikkim

China’s Army has conducted “live-fire drills” in Tibet (Colonized area by China) which is near the India’s Border in Arunachal Pradesh . The drill was held to practice quick movement of army troops and techniques to destroy enemy aircrafts. This action of China is being seen as a message to the Indian Government.

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China has been claiming large parts of Arunachal as southern Tibet and they have accused India of having illegal hold of the land. They also claim Arunachal of being a part of China according to History.

“The brigade that conducted the (latest) drill was from the PLA’s Tibet military command and is one of China’s two plateau mountain brigades,” China Central Television (CCTV) reported.

China has been building dams over Brahmaputra River in China which is called Siang there. It is raising concerns in India as it could affect the flow of Brahmaputra. During the drill, they used new equipments including tanks.

“The purpose is to test the parameters of the equipment and is not targeted against any country'” the PLA spokesman had said when asked that the drill was targeted in India.

The drill was conducted right after Pakistan’s Media spread fake news about China-India cross border rocket attack which alleged that it killed 158 Indian soldiers which was confirmed as fake news by both International and Indian media. Major Gaurav Arya said that, “Fake images on social media of “Chinese attack” on Indian army base in Doklam area. Please ignore. Not one single shot fired. All is well.”
The intent for such an action is still unclear but China conducting a drill right after

Pakistan spreads fake news is a matter which should be probed. No direct links have been found between the two incidents but the timing raises speculations about the intention of both the neighboring countries.

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