Chal Guru Ho Ja Shuru * 1/2

Chal Guru Ho Ja Shuru * 1/2

Chal Guru Ho Ja Shuru * 1/2

‘Chal Guru Ho Ja Shuru’, a movie directed by Manoj Sharma and produced by Pankaj Narayan and Apoorva Bajaj is all set to hit the theatres on the 30th of January.

The movie has a famous starcast, which includes Hemant Pandey, Tiku Talsania, Brijendra Kala, Sanjay Mishra, Vrijesh Hirjee and Chandrachur Singh.

The movie starts with Hariya(Hemant) and his friend Birju (Brijendra) auditioning for a movie. But the director kicks them out of the set, after watching their horrible acting skills. While they were walking, dejected and rejected, they see a man of faith (Chandrachur) preaching. This gives them the idea to become a gang of “Godmen” who con people for a living. They not just con people for money, but also use religious pretexts to seduce devoted women and sexually harass them.

The movie in spite of a brilliant starcast, often failed to tickle the funny bone. The first half of the movie drags on till the interval, where all the malice of the religious camps is depicted in more of an informative fashion, while trying to put the story intact. Nothing major happens, except a few small incidents of no important significance. The actors do their job well, but there is no sense of excitement twists and turns in the movie. The interval is very abrupt, where it doesn’t draw people to watch the second half.

The second half however has some plot, where slowly, the sins of the gang starts to resurface. Sanjay Mishra, however, has a good share of wit during the second half, and manages to make the audiences laugh. Tiku Taslania, with his signature acts of surprise exclamations, make us laugh.

There is also a monotonous ring of chant of the movie throughout, making the background score. Which becomes a bit irritating after a certain point of time. Being said that, the counseling and the speech by Hemant Pandey, fulfills the objective of sending the message brilliantly.

In spite of a good cast and a message concerning the current religious scenario, the movie is just average.

I will give it 1 and a half stars.

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