A step towards making education better: CBSE invites entries to simplify content

 CBSE invites entries to simplify content: Here is all you need to know 

CBSE invites entries to simplify content. Yes, Central Secondary Board Education has taken a step towards making education better. Teachers can submit their ideas and help in making content simple and easy. This initiative aims to create a common platform for teachers to generate content under Diksha, an online platform under the Ministry of Human Resource Development and National Council of Teacher’s Education.

CBSE invites enteries to simplify content

This initiative would help students to get the better understanding of the topics. It would also make teaching methods more effective. Basically, it is all about making the concepts clear. Diksha initiative will help in bringing new methods in the education system.

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The board has declared that all the institutions can send their entries by October 15th as per the notice circulated in all the schools. The entries will be judged upon innovativeness and creativity of the respective suggestions which will help to improve the quality of education. The winners will be given three-board level based on original solutions to the problems prevailing. The prizes would be awarded:

1st prize – Rs. 10,000

2nd prize- Rs. 7,000

3rd prize- Rs. 5,000


Various guidelines have been set up for the teachers to create the content. The content could be divided into various parts, topics, subtopics, reference videos and also, artifacts and material which could complement the content present in the video for easier understanding.

However, the final edit would be in the hands of CBSE. The content selected must fit for viewing on computers, smartphones etc. The main motive is to simplify the content of all the subjects from class I to XII students and the teachers as well. The teachers are required to upload their videos on YouTube and then they can further fill in details in the online form with the video link attached to it.

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