CBI reached Sisodiya’s house: AAP protest against this move

CBI reached Sisodiya’s house: AAP protest against this move

AAP claims it as raid

CBI reached Delhi Chief Minister Manish Sisodiya’s house for some inquiry. CBI went to inquire about talk to AK issue. On the other hand, after CBI reached there, the Aam Aadmi Party claimed it as raid. The personal advisor of Manish Sisodiya, Arundoy Prakash tweeted that on one side CM Arvind Kejriwal is going to hospitals and doing enquiry and on the other hand, the CBI raids on Sisodia’s house. Before this, CBI also raided Arvind Kejriwal’s house. He said that if the central government thinks that by doing this, it can stop the functioning of the Aam Aadmi Party, then they are totally wrong.

CBI team

CBI team

What is Talk to AK

Talk to AK was an event that was conducted by the Delhi Government. Through this event, Kejriwal and his government has done promotion in the states where the election was conducted. Also, they are blamed that through Talk to Ak event AAp has wasted Delhi’s taxpayers money in their own promotion.

AAP already on CBI’s radar

CBI has already done inquiry on Manish Sisodiya before this on Talk to AK. CBI says that through Talk to AK, AAP has broken some rules and regulations. CBI has already inquired with many of the AAP members. Along with Rajendra Kumar, eight others and Endeavor System Private Limited had faced CBI. They were blamed for criminal offenses, fraud and cheating. The chargesheet was filed against them under the corruption section of the IPC.

Former AAP leader had said that AAP is getting paid for what they have done. CBI is doing the correct things and there is yet lot to come.

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