• Consuming Flavonoids Protect Diabetic Women-Study

      A study conducted by the University of East Anglia (UEA) finds out that dietary flavonoids are effective in lowering the threat of heart disease in females.   Regular intake of flavonoids rich foods such as chocolates, red wine, berries, etc. help cut down cholesterol levels and effectively manage diabetes besides providing...

  • Healthy Fast Foods

      Junk food is not necessarily unhealthy for you as claimed by a new study conducted by researchers at the Madrid University.   Though excess intake of junk food is harmful for you r health but small amount of fried snacks in sunflower oil or olive oil can be beneficial.   The...

  • Top Ways to Deal With Sleep Disorders

        What are Sleep Disorders? Sleep disorder is any condition that affects your sleep and cause disturbances in sleep. If you feel restless and exhausted in the morning you should see ad doctor. Improper sleep is a serious health hazard that poses a threat to the health.   Dangers of Poor...



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