What do Capes remind us of? Superman, Batman and our favourite Disney stars and well that makes it difficult to master them. After all who wants to look like a Disney star on an important business presentation at the office? In 2012, when Gwyneth Paltrow donned that white Tom Ford cape, we all did think to have ‘a cape moment’ in our life. Burberry, Saint Laurent and Valentino hit the ramps with Capes in Autumn/Winter’14. Our Bollywood divas- Priyanka Chopra, Jacqueline Fernandez and Tapsee Pannu have tried their hands at capes and rocked in them.

So girls it’s time we don this high street fashion effortlessly. We will tell you about the kinds of capes and how to wear them at various occasions.

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The Classic Cape

A raised collar and open arms holes are the standard characteristics of this cape. A more playful version of this cape is the one with longer arm slits, as it doubles up as a blazer.

Blanket Cape

Drape it, pin it or belt it- one can’t get wrong with a blanket cape. It is rather loose and gives a relaxed look so it is perfect to wear this cape over the weekend.

Cape-tivated - one world news

Poncho Cape

The poncho cape is similar to wearing a cardigan cape except that it isn’t open in the front and without sleeves. The loose fabric allows for a lot of movement. This is a good style for all body types because it glides over the body and the volume of the poncho helps conceal any features that you wish to hide.

Cape-tivated - one world news

Dramatic Cape

A dramatic cape hits below the knees and gives a very dramatic look to your ensemble. The key is to keep it simple and structured; perfect for an androgyny look.

How to drape cape for various occasions?

Cape-tivated - one world news

Office Office!

Team up your classic cape with a crisp and ironed white shirt with a mini skirt- could be patterned or whichever way you like it. Wear your tights with black heels and a clutch to go with it.

Cape-tivated - one world news

Party Sharty

Capes are undoubtedly easier to pull off with pants. You can’t go wrong with leather pants, a shimmery sweater, and high-heeled booties. For a more edgy look you can wear a leather skirt with studded moto boots.

Something Casual

For a daytime ensemble, pair a dramatic cape with a sweater, plaid trousers, and flat black boots.

For a Date

Pair your knit cape with a cute mini skirt or a flowery dress with nice ballerinas and your are done.

Some Check Points

• When it comes to capes you have a plethora of options to choose from: collared, double-breasted, patchwork, knitted, structured, fringed, tailored, mid length, full length, trench style – so think about what will work with the rest of your wardrobe.

• Opt for a color or print that you know suits you the best.

• It is also about the layering so wear over cozy jumpers, dresses, polo-necks and yes, the blanket/poncho looks do work over a lightweight coat.

• Every day is a cape day. Wear it whenever you want but remember that confidence is the key.

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