Candid Conversation With Dolly’s Toli!

Candid Conversation With Dolly’s Toli!

Candid Conversation With Dolly’s Toli!

Dolly Ki Doli has already hit the theaters and is doing good business. I am sure you all must have seen the trailers and some of you have even seen the movie. On a lovely evening, One World News had an opportunity to interact with the Star cast of Dolly Ki Doli.

Over a candid conversation they shared some inside stories and also shared their excitement about the film.

Candid Conversation With Dolly’s Toli!-OneWorldNews

Sonam Kapoor

1. Sonam,tell us something about your character and what kind of a message does this movie give to the society?

Well, I am playing the character of a con woman. I like to play different characters and I keep on trying something new. This is one of the most engaging characters I have done till now. If you talk about the message then there is nothing serious but yes, you will find some serious issues we have touched in a very soft manner.

Candid Conversation With Dolly’s Toli!-OneWorldNews

Varun Sharma

2. Varun, you did an amazing job in Fukrey. So, what alldo you keep in mind while selecting a script?

If you talk about choosing a character or a role for myself, I believe in doing characters that suits me and of course they should be entertaining too. Believe me I don’t want to get typecast and I am open to do all types of roles.

3. Apart from acting what interests you more Sonam?

Acting is my profession and I enjoy it but apart from it I like reading books and of course writing. I like writing stories and I have written some short stories too.

Candid Conversation With Dolly’s Toli!-OneWorldNews

Sonam Kapoor

4. You have worked with so many stars so, with whom did you enjoy the most?

Sonam: It was great working with everyone but if you frankly ask Pulkit, Rajkumar and Varun were amazing. Rajkumar is an intense actor with brilliant acting skills. And if you are sitting next to Varun I am sure you can’t be bored. He always remained a livewire on the sets.

5. Pulkit, how is life after marriage and what all are your future plans?

Right now, I am not feeling that I am married because I am lined up with so many projects. But yes, whenever I get time I try spending it with my wife. If you talk about my future plans it is for sure to entertain my fans with good movies.

6. Malaika, would you like to try acting in the future?

No, I would not like to do acting because I love dancing as it is my passion and that you can see in my item numbers too.

Candid Conversation With Dolly’s Toli!-OneWorldNews

Arbaaaz Khan

7. After the huge success of Dabangg and Dabangg 2, what do you expect from Dolly kiDoli?

Arbaaaz Khan: I think people will like it. It is a nice movie with a good thought line. A complete entertainment package and most importantly you can watch it with your family.

8. You have tried different bridal attires in the movie? So, which attire will you wear on your wedding day?

Sonam: Yes, I have tried very beautiful attires throughout the movie and for this I would like to thank my designer. Right now, I have not decided what I will wear on my wedding but as I am a Punjabi, I would like to get ready in full Punjabi style.

Candid Conversation With Dolly’s Toli!-OneWorldNews

Pulkit Samrat

9. You told us that the movie has raised some social issues in a very light manner. So, would you like to work on social movies in the future?

Arbaaz Khan: See, it all depends on the script. If someone comes up with a brilliant script then definitely I will go ahead. I think our nation wants more movies like P.K, Oh My God, Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.

10. What all do you want to convey to your fans? Why they should go and watch Dolly kidolli?

Sonam: I would like to say watch it because it will give tips to so many girls who think that they have to get married just because they have family pressure. Watch it because it will make you laugh out loud. And yes don’t worry, the movie doesn’t have any brain less comedy that you can carry with you to enjoy the movie.

Picture Credits : Kuldeep Pundhir, OneWorldNews

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