Bride calls off marriage for the weirdest reason!

Bride calls off marriage for the weirdest reason!
Parul Srivastava

Bride called off her marriage after groom’s naagin dance

According to a report, attempting naagin dance (which is quite famous in Indian Weddings) proved costly for a groom on Tuesday. A bride in Shahjahanpur called off her marriage after groom’s embarrassing naagin dance.

As per witnesses, the groom was drunk and his cringe-worthy attempt at the dance, forced the girl to call off the wedding just before rituals were to begin.

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Notably, the groom’s family later tried to convince the girl but she wouldn’t budge, finally forcing the groom to go back with his family.

Priyanka Tripathi, 23 , was all set to marry Anubhav Mishra. Both the families belonged to same community and knew each other well. All preparations were done, they had exchange gifts, performed pre –wedding rituals but Anubhav Mishra’s naagin dance proved very costly for him.

Just before he was to be formally welcomed by the bride’s family, the bride’s attention was drawn towards a naagin song being played the DJ. Anubhav started dancing and his friends started showering currency notes on him. The bride’s family, meanwhile, watched him in stunned shock.

After all this, the bride decided that the drunk man was not suitable for her. Neither persuasion nor threats by groom’s family changed her mind. Finally, the marriage was called off.

As per reports, a day later she tied the knot with a sober mate.

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