Blue Denim’ game is still on!

Blue Denim’ game is still on!
Radhika Srivastava

Jeans VS all the pants you have in your wardrobe!

Jeans are the oldest player in the market. We all have at least two to three pairs of jeans in our wardrobe. If you don’t have then get it asap guys. If you ask someone what is their preferred form of bottoms are, 95 percent of the time the answer would undoubtedly be denims. This is because it can go with almost everything in this world. For girls it can go with kurti, top, tee-shirts and many more and for boys it can go with tee-shirts, formal shirts etc.

Flea markets are flooded with various kinds of jeans from boyfriend jeans to ripped one. It’s all yours. Jeans are the best option when it comes to outfit. There are various key factors that play into the claim that jeans are better than any other pants. It’s no longer just a matter of looks; it really comes down to a preference that sets the standard for style and comfort without really having to make an effort.

Ripped jeans looks sexy

Ripped jeans looks sexy

Here, are following reasons why jeans should be your cup of tea:

1. Options are endless

Gone are the days of just wide leg and boot cut. Now, we have an interesting array of styles that are able to fit into any particular event you are shopping for. With bell bottoms back in action along with the usual high-waisted, skinny, and boyfriend jeans. Just bang out. Denim game is on.

2. They last longer than pants

It may sound kind of gross, but jeans are one of the few bottoms that you can get away with not washing after you wear them. Many jean lovers know that the more you wash them, the more wear and tear they may take on.

3. They are versatile

It was mentioned earlier that it is much easier to get away with wearing your jeans to work, and that is no lie, my friends. The darker and sleeker the denim, the more opportunity you have to rock them at the office.

4. Your butt always look better

What is the first thing you do when you try on jeans? You turn your back to the mirror and immediately examine how your butt looks. Your butt looks supersexy.

5. They look super stylish.

Think about all the pants you own besides your jeans, can you style them in less than five minutes? The answer is likely no as so many bottoms need specific pieces to match them in order to look normal. Jeans, not the case. Twin up with almost anything.

6. They are worth to invest in

Denim prices range all over the place, but regardless of what you paid for your favorite pair of jeans they are worth the investment. Go to Flee markets you will definitely get your favourite piece in a reasonable rate.

7. They are durable

Jeans are made of a sturdy cotton twill textile that just sounds impressive when you say it out loud. You can put these suckers through anything before they will tear or fall apart.

8. They hide stains well

Spilling yogurt on your black dress pants is a nightmare, but spilling yogurt on your jeans is not that bad. Stains are easy to get rid of or hide for the day when you are wearing jeans — unless you are wearing white jeans.

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