Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

Where temperatures are touching 50 degree Celsius, people prefer staying indoors or travelling in air-conditioned cars. But what about the daily commuters, students and the roadside vendors who have no other option but to face the scorching heat? So, the next time you are out in the sun, instead of taking a sip at the nearby Costa Coffee or enjoying a cold drink, try the desi mantra to stun the sun. There are few offerings from the local vendors which may prove to be healthy as well as refreshing at the same time!

Baraf Gola or Chuski:

Barafgola is crushed ice mixed up with flavoured syrups along with lemon drops and black salt. Kaala-khatta and Satrangi are undoubtedly the most popular flavours among children. The price ranges from ten rupees to thirty rupees, depending upon the flavours and colours.



Falooda Kulfi is made by mixing (Roohafza) a flavoured drink, in a glass full of Kulfi and Rabri. This popular desert is a blend of milk, vermicelli, roohafza and fresh fruits from Pakistan, India and Burma. It is very similar to Nam Manglak of Thailand which is made from different ingredients like jelly, sugar and rose water.


Cumin powder mixed with water. The beverage is prepared with some spicy masala and is a popular summer drink in India. It consists of cumin, ginger, black pepper, mint and black salt. It refreshes one from dehydration caused by the humidity, besides providing relief from an upset stomach. You can buy this refreshing drink from any roadside vendor for Rs 10-20.

Banta/ Lemon soda:

Banta is locally known as Goti Soda. It is a lemon/orange-flavoured beverage, priced between ten to thirty rupees. It is served in a codd-neck bottle which is corked with a marble seal instead of a cap. Quite the satiating drink of northern India.


Aam Panna:

Aam Panna is a drink best known for its heat resistant properties. It is made up of ripe green mangoes which is a rich source of pectin. The drink is prepared using raw mangoes, sugar and spices. It is an effective remedy to beat the heat and avoid a stroke. It is also considered beneficial in the treatment of gastro-intestinal disorders.

Coconut water:

‘Nariyal pani’ is a purely natural drink which quenches the thirst like nothing else in the tormenting summers. It serves as an energy drink and prevents us from many diseases and health problems including a fluctuating blood pressure, diabetes and indigestion. It is also an anti-viral and an anti-bacterial drink that can be purchased from any vendor in just thirty rupees.

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