Be a desirable candidate: 10 tips to handle interview like a Pro!

Be a desirable candidate, here are few tips to follow!

Interviews are always considered as the stepping stone for the job of your dreams. Interviews are not that horrible as we think. There are some very simple tricks and tips to clear any Interview with ease. The compatibility between any Interviewer and Interviewee is important in any Interview.


Here are some tips to get hired fast in any Interview:

    • Keep Your Insecurities Aside: It is very important to keep your insecurities and fears aside to face any Interview like a pro.
      Confidence: Confidence is the key to lead the way like a Bawse. It is important to show your strong side in any interview before you get judged by them.
    • The Must Question “How You Handle criticism”: This question is mostly asked by many Interviewers and the simple way to give the answer of this very question is to tell ‘truth.’ Explain them that how you see criticism in bettering yourself and even you can’t handle it, but you still have the guts to hold it and revert back like a hero when time comes.
    • Question Back: It is always interesting when an Interviewee asks back any question from the interviewer and it shows their interest and knowledge in the company. But don’t act stupid while asking any question, ask relevant questions and sometimes it’s okay to not ask. It depends.
    • Research The Company: It is very important to research about the company in which you are going for an interview. Research shows that you have done some work regarding the company and willing to join it.
Do what you love, don’t settle in less
  • “Salary and Job “: The question about salary and job is also the common question asked by the Interviewers to know the interest of the employee and to know his/her work interest. Calmly tell them that both the things are equally important to you if they ask this question, “salary is important or job” Contradict both of them and then relate with each other.
  • Never Compare Yourself With The Interviewer: It is very important to give some respect to the person sitting next to you because why not? Even if he is your batchmate or friend, it’s always important to show them gratitude.
  • Read Your CV Before The Interview: Reading your own C.V before any interview is a good habit and it shows that you know everything about it without any fumble.
  • Attitude: Attitude is the mirror of your personality and there is a thin line between both of them. So, whenever going for an interview, keep the positive attitude with you.
  • Do Not Compromise: Steve Jobs once said “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” So, if you think that the job you have applied for is not up to your limits, do not settle for it. There are many more opportunities for you out of that that room.

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