Avoid Gym, Eat Rajma to build your muscles

Avoid Gym, Eat Rajma to build your muscles  

Rajma can help you to build your muscles

Avoid Gym, Eat Rajma to build your muscles :- You might think that we people have gone crazy because we are saying to avoid gym. But trust us, Rajma can actually help you to build muscles like Salman Khan and Varun Dhawan. These actors are among some fittest actors in the entire B-town. They almost spend 3 to 4 hours in gym for their hard workout. Not only has these actors even cricketer Virat Kohli done the same. Well, men’s personality normally attracts women.

But some people can have a problem with spending 3- 4 hours in gym because of their hectic work schedule, but don’t worry people we can totally relate to your problem and therefore, we have come up with very different idea that you will love to do, in order to build your muscles.

How can Rajma help you to build your muscles?

Putting on muscle mass requires a state of calorific surplus. Creating a surplus means you need to eat a lot, which indeed, is a task. Eating all the time is difficult job. Including rajma in your diet may prove beneficial for you in building your muscles. Here is why you should eat it more often.

Avoid Gym, Eat Rajma to build your muscles
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  1. It has dense Calorie: 100 Grams of Kidney Beans Contain 300 plus Calories. Bulking is all about reaching that higher end of the calorie scale. It becomes a lot easier if you include calorie dense foods in your diet. Rajma/Kidney beans are a fantastic high calorie food. A 100 grams serving can make up to as much 333 calories. Divide it according to your meals and you don’t have to worry about eating all at once
  2. You Need A Lot Of Carbohydrates To Bulk: Kidney Beans Will Give You That. Carbohydrates are important part of the food. You cannot challenge the anabolic response of carbohydrates. 100 grams of kidney beans has a whopping 60 grams of carbohydrates. So, ofcourse rajma can fulfill the needs of carbohydrates in your body.
  3. Protein: Generally, people have low proteins in their body, it’s not compulsory to eat pulses in order to fulfill the needs of protein in the body. If you are having a problem reaching your daily protein macro consumption, include beans in your diet. 100 grams of kidney beans contain 24 grams of protein.
  4. Iron and Magnesium: Iron and magnesium matters if you are an athlete. Magnesium plays a number of vital functions in the body. It helps in the synthesis of fat, protein and nucleic acids. It also helps in aiding neurological activity, muscular contraction and relaxation, cardiac activity and bone metabolism. In short, it is essential. Iron, on the other hand, minimizes muscle fatigue, help regulate body temperature and helps in adequate brain functioning. Rajma is full of these minerals.
  5.  Rich in fiber: if you guys suffer from problem of indigestion, then one must eat rajma because it helps you in digestion as well.


Rajma or Kidney beans are very much rich in carbohydrates in comparison to protein, so if you are thinking to consume it on regular basis, do it accordingly. It can harm you otherwise.

Rajma Chawal love

Rajma Chawal is a first love or even first crush of everybody. People are crazy for spicy rajma Chawal as it is one of the delicious Indian cuisines. So, go ahead , eat rajma Chawal and build your muscles.

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