One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week 02nd March – 08th March, 2015 by the famous astrologer Kiran Pandey Rai.


Aries: Your lord is placed in twelfth from itself in conjunction with Venus and in Rahu-Ketu axis, which will create situation in which sometimes things may be hunky dory and at other moment it seems bitter. Siblings can be reason of happiness in coming week.



Taurus: In this week you should try to gauge towards the preferences of yours as well as your partner’s and then only be in further action. Finally, professional success will be in your kitty. But in the process of getting your goal, your kids will be ignored. Try to balance personal and professional life.



Gemini: Situation will take a topsy-turvy turn in this week. It will mainly hit your health, especially your eyes, teeth or if Diabetic then sugar level. Your workplace will be the only place to sooth yourself. Try to plant trees as much as you can.



Cancer: This week shall be little chaotic in family affairs. Circumstances will compel you to shout at your partner which you shall repent later. You shall have all recreational things which you can expect but somewhere you will lack the mental connection of you with your spouse is missed



Leo: You may get some news which you had been expecting since last few days as Saturn will delay to fructify it but it won’t deny your achievement. Your interest in occult Sciences will be raised more. Gradually, sources of income will start knocking your door but it will take little more time to open its way.



Virgo: Those, who are involved in any relationship, there is prospects of going this affair in advance stage. Some of you get into matrimonial relation. For others, this is the time when you have to put an extra effort to get your goal. Use green color as much as possible to get positive vibes within you.



Libra: You will meet many friends including influential or humble but you will not be able to maintain your relation with them. Businessmen, who are into export business, will have opportunity to prosper. Chances of having problem in lungs or Heart are prominent.



Scorpio: Planetary position is showing your work –stress, but your spirit will cope-up this happily. Only area of concern for this week is your personal life. Avoid being aggressive in family matters or business partner. This may cause of botheration for you later.



Sagittarius: Even though, you will try to appease everybody in family, you will still unable to manage it. Your concerned area will be the health of your spouse more than anything else. Your kids will give you happiness but mentally you are not in state of accepting these pleasant feelings.



Capricorn: You will be flooded with energy and other qualities of your area; still you will lack confidence due to Retrogression of Jupiter. You will have proper blended mind of spiritual as well as glamorous. But your restricted attitude towards worldly things will scare others to approach you.



Aquarius: You will get see hope of some major change at your professional front. It may take few weeks to fructify substantially. You seem to lose your trust regarding your personal life which will take another couple of weeks to get settled. Stay away from any family dispute.



Pieces: Your focus will be lacking towards your work and you shall be more towards romantic side or you shall be physically involved in something which will give you worldly pleasure. You will get material benefit from your spouse. Your finance will be good area for you.


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