One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week 30th June-6th July, 2014 by the famous astrologer Kiran Pandey Rai.


Aries : Your main focus will be your kids. They will be more demanding about your time for them. If you are a patient of blood pressure, take special care of your life style. Travelling will be fruitful for you. Your image will eventually improve. Youngsters may do well in sports. You will have an opportunity to buy land or building either by easy available loan or some other source.


Taurus : In the beginning of the week, you will fly in dream world; gradually you will get back yourself in reality. You will be connected to someone this week which will prove a mind-booster for you. A good co-ordination between mind and speech will be there. Finance will not be a part of your mental botheration.


Gemini : You will have some support from your siblings. Your decision will be very quick and appreciable. You will perform well in office as well. In spite of everything going in your way, you will have some kind of insecurity feeling for no reason. Your interest in some old art will suddenly surface-up. Just to keep your mind calm, chant Budhha mantra.


Cancer :Old values and ethics will start again in your practice after long time. But no one can stop you being involved in worldly pleasures too. There might be some opinion differences with your siblings. You will have to live away from your family temporarily. Chant the Hanuman Chalisa.


Leo : Good time to roam around in good company or with your family members after long time. Health will improve after a couple of a week. Destiny will really work after a slight adverse situation. Eventually the condition of your kids will be better. You need to work on your temperament. Vishnu-Sahastranam will work for your financial growth.


Virgo : This week is a professionally successful week. But don’t let this success get over on your tongue or head. Be humble in any condition. Good time to expand the business for businessmen. Your inclination towards History or spiritual books will be more. Be very careful about your health. Some lady-luck will work for you this week. Perform Laxmi Pooja or chant Laxmi-stotra.


Libra : If you have been suffering with health issue for last 2-3 months, the time has come to get cured of it. Your father will have some health issue but he will support you financially. You will be full of courage to be even rude that’s why your relation with your partner or spouse will not be very cordial. Your work will start moving in slow pace.


Scorpio : You may be diagnosed with some eye’s issue but it won’t stop your courage to work and look forward. Any circumstances can be faced by you strategically. Need to check while walking as you need to take extra care of the lower part of your feet. Pilgrimage can be seen on card. Chanting the Mangal mantra or reading Sunderkand especially on Tuesday and Saturday.


Sagittarius : Start workout religiously as this is the high time for you to be alert about your sugar-level if you are prone to it. Your interest in spirituality will be more and reason will be your own disturbed mind. Area of concern will be your kids for this week. You will not enjoy your work for next few weeks. Your relation with mother will not be good.


Capricorn :You are very close to the end of the ordeal which you have been suffering for almost last 18 months. Your artistic creativity will do wonder .Problem related to abdomen or around can take place so check your eating habit. You will lack inner happiness. Chant Gayatri Mantra after taking bath in the morning.


Aquarius : Relation with father or guru will improve .Even his health will not be a botheration for you as before. There might be some dispute with elder siblings. Don’t be harsh in your action. You are planning to purchase a vehicle, better if you wait for one more week. You will meet people from different backgrounds and this will prove an average meeting.


Pieces : You will have an ultimate pious thought. You would like to study spiritual sciences books or listen discourses. Finance will not be a problem for you. Your siblings will be very supportive but check your sugar-level. Chances of transfer or change of job can be seen. Time is approaching when you will be happy with your kids too. Propitiating Vishnu god will enhance your condition.

Kiran Pandey Rai is a New Delhi based astrologer and can be reached at +91 9810-321-337 or at





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