One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week 23rd June-29th June, 2014 by the famous astrologer Kiran Pandey Rai.


Aries : Your creativity will be at its best. There might be some hindrances on your way but your courage may surpass all. Mother’s health may be one of your prime concerns. Your partner may deceive you so be alert. Travelling can be experienced in this week. Start chanting Guru mantra without counting the number of the same.


Taurus : In this week, your mother will prove a great support for you. You will co-operate your surrounding i.e. society as well as family spiritually or emotionally. This week will prove to be a woman –oriented one. In spite of all pleasure there will be some invisible source which may pull you down emotionally, still a very pleasant and romantic period ahead.


Gemini : A week, full of courage and challenges. You will be blessed with all luxuries. After long time you will witness such a positive aura around. Everything seems so easy to avail in life. Take full advantage of this opportunity but be careful while driving. Plant some ornamental saplings at your garden.


Cancer : Health needs more care than before. You need to be alert even on road or at home while walking. You may get chance to meet your old friends. You might undergo some Spiritual insights. For those, who have been waiting for their matrimonial settlement, here is the right time for you.


Leo : This Jupiter will take you to spiritual journey of life. Some benefits related to foreign land can also be predicted. Avoid argument with your children as it can worsen the situation. Your peaceful and pleasant workplace will be your excitement of the week. Finance will be good. Chant the Hanuman mantra.


Virgo : Your attitude towards work will be little casual but some lady luck will work for you and you may get benefit from foreign land. Give respect to your partner. Chances of going abroad are strong .You need to check your approach towards your relationship out of marriage which can be cause of disturbance in family. Chant Guru mantra as many times as you can.


Libra : Your health may trigger this week .Chances of transfer or some unpleasant change of job may disturb your mind. But your balancing mind will support your word of mouth and you will face the situation without showing any difficulty on your face. Read Sri-suktam daily.


Scorpio : Quality of speech will work miraculously in your life; this can turn any weird situation into normal condition. You will meet influential people who can be a great help in your career. Your kids will make you proud. Propitiating God Dattatreya and donating yellow articles on Thursday will be beneficial for you.


Sagittarius : Aspect of many planets on your ascendant can make you self-focused and puzzled about yourself at the same time health will be ignored. Your spouse will support you in a very practical way. Need a balance between professional and personal life. Import-export business will get boom in their profession.


Capricorn : This week is indicating a fair chance of having income from foreign land and short trips are expected. Relation with mother will not be good. Financially, a good week ahead. Destiny will play hide-n-seek with you. After four weeks, situation will be settled eventually. Worship Lord Shiva with milk, flower and bel-patra.


Aquarius : You are very close to the nice period of your life but before that you will have some dispute with siblings. Your inclination towards astrology will be more while some of you will start reading occult sciences books. Your relation with your cousin may not be good. New car or house is there in your agenda to buy. Some of you are planning to move out of your native place.


Pieces : This transit of Jupiter will shine your luck. Even your work will be expanded and appreciated. Your relation with siblings will improve. Mother can be a cause of worry. Be very alert while you are on wheel. Speech needs special a watch as this can build or ruin the show.

Kiran Pandey Rai is a New Delhi based astrologer and can be reached at +91 9810-321-337 or at





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