One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week 16th June-22nd June, 2014 by the famous astrologer Kiran Pandey Rai.


Aries : This transit of Jupiter will be in your fourth house. Being the 9th and 12th lord and placed in fourth house in transit, there will be chances of getting work proposals from foreign in the second quarter of the year. Beginning will be lukewarm but eventually positive changes can be felt. Happiness from progeny is to be expected. Beginning of the week will be little uneasy for your spouse but by the end of the week it will settle down.


Taurus : The transit of Jupiter will bring prosperity to your elder siblings but your relation will not be good with him. Most of the people, who are of marriageable age, may have good chance to have alliance this year. A promising financial growth is seen this year. Your communication skill may do wonders for you. Chances of getting a new good friend are strong.


Gemini : The transit of Jupiter in your second house will be a saving grace for you professionally. Your loan and enemy will not be a problem now. You will try to dictate your partner this week which may tarnish your relation. In general, this week will give sensuous pleasure. Your kid may plan to leave home for higher studies. Overall, a good week ahead.


Cancer : The transit of Jupiter may create health issue as its being 6th lord placed in ascendant and aspect of 8th lord Saturn on it. It will be good to feed only 10 blind men on Thursday without giving cash to them. Control your expenses. Good news from kids is there in this week. Profession will not reach your satisfactory level


Leo : This transited Jupiter will somehow change your mind set about charity, and you will fully involved in helping others or doing some good work for society. There can be some hot argument with your children. Avoid it. Otherwise there will be peaceful situation at home. Partying at club or good places is on card. Probably your kids are leaving away home for higher studies which is internally bothering you.


Virgo : Jupiter in 11th house will give your spouse a better position in society. You will work hard to get your individual success and finally you will get it. You need to work on health and safe driving is more essential thing this week. Prospects of going abroad or getting some foreign offer can be expected. Being polite with your partner will work wonder in your personal happiness.


Libra : The Jupiter transited in 10th house, somehow in spite of benefic effects, your parents may suffer either financially or physically this year. This week, perhaps you will decide something in haste which can cause mental tension further for you. You will do well at your workplace. Donate yellow articles to a deserving Brahmin preferably on Thursday.


Scorpio : Jupiter will be transited in your 9th house which will give you special kind of grace in you as well as your progeny. Wealth is in a very good flow this year. In this week, there is possibility of adopting some change in life. It will take a month to shape in proper way. You still need to control your tone while conveying anything to anybody. Chant either your Guru-mantra or mantra of lord Shiva as many times as you can to appease Jupiter.


Sagittarius : Jupiter has gone to your randhra bhav, health can be one of the main concern for you for next one year. Money will be there in your account but it won’t take much time to drain it out. Try to donate food, medicines and clothes to poor people. This week your spouse will be very helpful. Kids may bother you due to over-expenses.


Capricorn : Jupiter is going in your 7th house, indicates your financial gains, your influence in society as well as travelling throughout the year ahead specially after July. In the beginning of this week, it will be an average start but by the end you may get help from your friends. Your creative skill will be recognized in society.


Aquarius : This exalted Jupiter will be going into your 6th house, which is showing your being more active in the field of working for under-privileged. There are chances of some dispute related to wealth among siblings in next few months. This week will be good initially regarding finance as well as romance eventually sudden change of workplace and if your chart is not favourable enough, there are chances of termination from work. Donate yellow pulses in yellow cloth on Thursday to a Pandit.


Pieces : This exalted Jupiter is transiting into your 5th house, enhancing your luck, finance and your own grace for a year ahead. In this week, mother can have some problem. You need to check your driving-skill as chances of being rash on wheel is showing this week. There is silly work which may make you tired mentally, it will get over soon. Cheers!

Kiran Pandey Rai is a New Delhi based astrologer and can be reached at +91 9810-321-337 or at





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