One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week 9th June-15th June, 2014 by the famous astrologer Kiran Pandey Rai.


Aries : Expenditure is highlighted in this week. Make it sure that your personal life should not get destroyed due to your temperament. Family and friends will surround you most of the time. This is the ideal time to travel short distances. You will be blessed by your guru.


Taurus : Take your time to finalize any serious decision. Get ready to increase your source of income. Spend few bucks on yourself also as sometimes we realize it late that self care is the best care for the family’s well being. At the end of the week you will find yourself more subdued.


Gemini : You will be self –obsessed with your public image. An average finance can be seen. There is a chance of an argument with your siblings. Every near and dear one should be handled with full care. You may get a matrimonial proposal this week. A chance of getting a final shape is much more.


Cancer : Money inflow is there in this week but sense of insecurity cannot be avoided. Specially, heart-patients, keep yourself engaged in some recreational activity. Kids and younger siblings can be a source of happiness. Love-birds are under-scanner of their enemies. Be aware of them.


Leo : This week should be especially dedicated to the parents whose kids are standing at the juncture of their career. As Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and Mars all these four planets are aspecting your house of progeny. In a nutshell, this week should be good for you. Finance as well as profession will both go hand-in-hand.


Virgo : You seem to be involved with occult sciences. Have faith in the decision of your father or elders of the family. Chances of wounds on face or head can be there in this week. Your hard work will pay you in terms of success in your venture. Optimum use of the green colour should be done.


Libra : You will have many things to convey to the world. Better pick up the pen and paper and write down something. You are running through one of the finest periods to start in terms of writing or expressing your feelings. Don’t spend much on flashy things otherwise you will repent later.


Scorpio : You will have a powerful speech; try to use it in helping someone who really needs your voice. To find your inner happiness either you go for meditation or chant Hanuman mantra as many times as you can. Your spouse can have some health problems.


Sagittarius : You will feel strengthened from everywhere. You need to work on the aggressive emotion. Career may have a sudden leap in the positive direction. Students need to concentrate more on their health. Father will be the main focus of this week. Chant Aditya-hruday-stotram in morning.


Capricorn : Your inclination will be more towards spirituality. Some problem related to stomach can be expected. Check your diet. If there is any court-case, judgment will be in your favour. Good time for your father. You will have some issues related to your mother.


Aquarius : In spite of a mentally uncomfortable atmosphere at your workplace, you will create your own aura. People will be impressed with your working style. Financially a strong week can be seen. Love-birds will be very diplomatic with their partners.


Pieces : You will have good professional ability. An average week for finance. You will have an interest in listening spiritual discourses or prayers. An abstract strength or support can be felt from your sibling. You will be in a dilemma regarding your kid’s career.

Kiran Pandey Rai is a New Delhi based astrologer and can be reached at +91 9810-321-337 or at





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