One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week 16th February -22nd February, 2015 by the famous astrologer Kiran Pandey Rai.


Aries : Mars is transiting in Pisces and conjunction of venus and ketu along with aspects of malefic and retrograde Jupiter shall make you a bit more patient .Your patience will push you towards modesty ,which will help you to plan every aspect of life in systematic way . In nutshell, your mission may delay but success is assured.



Taurus : Your partner shall lend you great support otherwise mentally you will find yourself in roller coaster ride. You may have to wait for some more time to get the things settled in your way. Health can be mood-spoiler in this week.



Gemini : Other than your work, you shall look around also .As your over-indulgence in work is snatching some pleasant happenings in your life. At The same time, your dedication towards your work is going to pay very soon. Still, health will slow down your pace of work.



Cancer : This week is going to make your tongue harsher. Now it’s time to pull your sleeves to be conscious about your words before speaking as this can prove spoiler of pleasure. Stay away from romance or any emotional relation as this can harm you more.



Leo: Some unexpected news can be fruitful in coming weeks which will boost your confidence. You will be ready to surrender your ego before your partner for sake of your inner love. Precisely, this week is going to be a very fruitful week financially as well as personally.



Virgo : Your mind is flooded with ideas and these ideas can be strength or at worst these ideas can make your mind very much agile to get your mission accomplished. Eventually, you will park your mind at nowhere. Try to channelize your creativity in constructive direction.



Libra: You are likely to be more assertive about few decisions. Ignoring suggestion of others can make you stand on the threshold from where it will be difficult to take U turn. Money will not be a problem for you. Kids and your own health will need your time more than before.



Scorpio : Your destiny is certainly going to add sugar in your platter. You may feel little insecure about future which will be your self-created shell. Try to create positive aura by tree-plantation or chanting Powerful mantra of Gayatri as many time as you can do.



Sagittarius : You will have a hectic schedule but your cordial relation with subordinates will boost-up your energy to work recklessly. Father’s health can bother you a bit. All you need is, your concentration, whatever work you are doing, it is advised, specifically for this week. If possible, go for regular workout.



Capricorn : Coming week is going to be a big success. Due to sheer hard work and determination of yours, you will get applause. Your mind may get a wavering tendency which you will realize also. Relation with siblings will not be very cordial.



Aquarius : Mercury turned direct in last week and aspect of Mars on it will make you skeptical about your decision regarding your personal as well as professional life. Finance matter will not to be up to the mark for next couple of months. You will lose your patience regarding home –affairs. Keep your calm intact.



Pieces : Romance is not only in air but it will reflect in your work too. You will get financial help from your partner. But your behavior can be harsh with your mother or spouse. You may face some health issue but you will easily fight back with it.


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