One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week 09th February – 15th February, 2015 by the famous astrologer Kiran Pandey Rai.


Aries :In the beginning of the week, situation will be topsy-turvy. You will find difficult to manage. But by the end of the week, you will feel stronger and focused towards your duties. On professional front, you will be able to sail everything in smooth way. An average week can be expected.



Taurus :You will be more comfortable with your spouse or partner than before. Such circumstance can make your partner even more close to you and subsequently, you are going to paint the town red. Have fun but try to maintain your dignity.



Gemini :Your words can upset someone with whom you had good relations in past. So, try to use limited edition of suggestion so that your image and relation will be safe. Your focus should be your health; rest of the things will get settled eventually.



Cancer :Keep your mind calm and concentrate yourself at your work rather than taking suggestion from others for no reason. As doing so, will make you mentally exhausted without any substantial results. You must go for meditation which will help you to do some productive work.



Leo:This week seems to bring a change in your monotonous life. In the beginning, it shall give a look of remote thing to happen but each day will progress with new and newer happenings in your life. Only caution of the week is “Deal your boss with utmost care”.



Virgo :Retrograde Mercury may confuse you in taking final decision till first half of the week. Not to worry, weekend will be full of pleasure and you will have a sense of achievement. Bachelors can get good marriage proposals. Spending some times in gardening will give immense happiness.



Libra:You need to trim your list of friends. You will find most of them are going to spoil your work directly or indirectly. Your stomach can bother you in coming days. You must keep a watch on your food. Chances of dispute among family members are quiet assured. Stay away from such situation.



Scorpio :You will have a sense of insecurity regarding your achievements which is not genuine indeed. As, time is rapidly approaching in your favor, you start looking at brighter side of life. Your finance and emotional status will improvise now.



Sagittarius :You shall prefer wrong way to achieve your goal which you will repent later. It is advisable to you especially for next few weeks that do not try to get anything in haste. Money matter will not be in control due to some valid reason. You should stop thinking too much about money. It’s a temporary phase for you.



Capricorn :You may have health issue but simultaneously you will get its remedies through proper channel. Your spirit can make you winner in any situation. Financial position will be better and better in coming weeks. Some of you may get insurance money or unexpected money.



Aquarius :Love is in the air for you. But don’t rush in any serious decision. You will have to take extra responsibility of family and you will try to avoid it. Prepare yourself to face such duties with heart and soul. Avoid negative words among your near and dear ones.



Pieces :Your main area to work on is “your temperament” while dealing your mother or partner. This anger will not only disturb your peace but it can raise your level of blood pressure. Go for daily work out or meditation can be use as an alternative way to calm it down.


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