One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week 23rd February – 1 March, 2015 by the famous astrologer Kiran Pandey Rai.


Aries : This week seems busier and busiest to gain foothold at your workplace. Time of patience testing will be assured still financial gain cannot be guaranteed. Students will perform better as they will enjoy working harder. You might have some dispute with some best of your buddy.



Taurus :This week is full of mingling with influential friends .These meetings will prove beneficial in terms of financial aspects. Your all missions will be accomplished but with a little pause in between. Several insignificant things will surface on to think over. Avoid taking them by heart.



Gemini :Time has come to take firm decision as you have been working on few serious matters of life since last few days. Your medical issue may relapse or start so it is suggested to you to have good care of your health. Tree-plantation or watering trees or plant around will give you immense happiness.



Cancer : An optimistic view and approach in every dimension of life will give you a real success. As everybody is king his own self, based on his thinking. Your communication will be more frequent with your parents and this can disturb you. It is better to keep yourself off from such communications.



Leo: In the initial days of this week, you will hurt yourself due to your high expectations from yourself.But thing will be placed in proper place by the middle of this week. You will be inclined towards occult Sciences or any other form of mysterious subject. Finance part will give you a bleak hope.



Virgo : This week shall prove exhaustive and productive in terms of your profession. Your kids will be ignored in this process. Someone may approach you from opposite gender but you will not be diverted from your path. Businessman will do better in this week.



Libra: Stay away from any family dispute else you will have to face litigation issue. You need to have control over your steering while driving. Special care of dental and eye is highly needed in this week. After all adversities, you will have a ray of hope from strong financial side.



Scorpio : For bachelors, coming week will bring a good company in form of a lover or beloved. Some of these relations will work and fetch you a marriage proposal from your newly made partner. In nutshell, this week will be fruitful for those who are into the age of marriage. Rest of the people who belongs to this sign will be very much appreciated for their organized work.



Sagittarius : Coming week indicates a big hit at professional front. Your determination will bring your success at platter. Heart patient needs a special attention towards their health. Health of father can deteriorate. Overall this phase of life will prove a mix bag for you.



Capricorn : Meeting with good people, especially who are influential or famous in society, is very much possible in coming week. Your income and expenditure will not be in appropriate ratio. Your kids or knowledge can be pillar of your fame in this week.



Aquarius : Your communication skill will work as a Trump-card for you in this week. So, use it wisely. Balance in your income and expenditure will make you either confused or disappointed about your finance. A good professional opportunity can be expected in this week.



Pieces : Mars, Venus and Ketu in your ascendant will make you gloomy in this week. Some good news in the field of finance can be expected from your spouse. Your temptation towards worldly pleasure will shake you and your decision in immature manner.


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