Astrology : 23th April – 29th April 2017

Astrology : 23th April – 29th April 2017
Kiran Pandey Rai

Astrology : 23th April – 29th April 2017

One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week Astrology : 23th April – 29th April 2017, 2015 by the famous astrologer Kiran Rai Pandey. My Skype ID is kiran_18061 and Phone no. for watsaap, Viber is +97433517987. You can reach me through Acharya Kiran Pandey Rai on FB.


Aries: This week will bring name and fame of your deeds . Others will be benefitted by your action . You will have all pleasure in this period. Still you need to maintain routine workout as per your strength. Because your health needs extra care in this planetary combination.
Taurus: This period will give you several helping hands of female friends . But being temperamental or aggressive may turn the scene. Those students are trying to go for higher studies in foreign countries , it’s the time to give a try . Financial aspect will also be better.
Gemini: Your long awaited news may crawl in this week. Your highly appreciated genuine work will be highlighted in this week. Your expenses may shoot-up for sometime but it will be for good cause. Health of your spouse can be a bothering for you in your daily schedule. Relation with boss will be superficial and diplomatic.
Cancer: You need to be cautious in any sort of communication specially with younger siblings. Sending mails or travelling is highly No-No without giving thought or if at all it’s highly needed. Your health still needs a proper watch . Relationship may be strenuous in this week, so it is suggested to ignore silly issues.
Leo: Help from seniors or father can be assured in coming days. Fortunately, your performance at workplace will be more than your caliber . Your spiritual journey will take a smooth sailing . After few weeks, you will feel a respite at your workplace. Monetary gains will be good.
Virgo: This period will wake you up from your casual behavior and you will head towards self-introspection. Such condition may bother a bit for the time being but it will be fruitful for you later. You can expect some news which you were not expected. You have very good time regarding financial gain.
Libra : You need to control your test buds and go for nutritive food as far as possible. Otherwise you may be prey of digestive issues. Your relation with weird people will be better than your own people. Be careful with your younger siblings. If possible avoid or delay travelling in this week.
Scorpio: Those who have been searching for a marital alliance, may have a chance to get it soon. Married couples will also feel proud of having wise partner which will be the special feeling of the week for you. Your only area of concern will be your thoughtless words of exchange with your loved ones.
Sagittarius: This week will be one of the highly check-point in relation with younger ones . Your communication skills need a proper check to save your image in public. Workplace may not be as cool as it used to be few weeks before. You may go for higher studies . You need to keep control your blood-pressure, do not ignore it.
Capricorn: Time to realize your mistake after few blunders. Shrug off and move ahead. There can be a blemish in your relationship. Do not rush with any of your opinion. Be patient , think, rethink and seek suggestion from some wise person then finalize it. Your spiritual activity may take you to the righteous path.
Aquarius : You may find yourself not much efficient to take decision but fortunately your words will be balanced to maintain the relation and keep it intact. Professional area will be satisfactory. Your mind may distract towards illegitimate actions. Be cautious.
Pisces : This week will bring you win-win situation despite all adverse situation. Your will be lost in dream world . Health can be an issue of concern in coming days. Finance will be a clean and better part of life but expecting too much in any relationship may bother you.




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