Astrology : 20th November 2016 – 26th November 2016

Astrology : 20th November 2016 – 26th November 2016
Kiran Pandey Rai

Astrology : 20th November 2016 – 26th November 2016



One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week Astrology : 20th November 2016 – 26th November 2016 , 2015 by the famous astrologer Kiran Rai Pandey. My Skype ID is kiran_18061 and Phone no. for watsaap, Viber is +97433517987. You can reach me through Acharya Kiran Pandey Rai on FB.



Aries: This period seems provide you good opportunity to prove at workplace but this situation will keep you in secured about further achievements . Avoid taking up any kind of money speculation in these days. There may be chances of misunderstanding with siblings.


Taurus: Beginning of the week may not be as per your expectation, but eventually you will handle situation wisely. Mother’s health can be cause of concern. Marriage proposal may come but it will delay in materializing.


Gemini: This week suggests you to avoid air travelling whether it’s long or short journey. Saturn’s close conjunction with your lord may add enemies as well as ways to ignore them. Marital happiness may also be at bay.


Cancer:You may lie with your loved ones due to some reason. A big decision which you will be taking –up in coming days, may change your life. Your effort to stay away from alcohol and rash driving will be proved an achievement for the week at least.


Leo : Situation might be suffocative for next few weeks, but your creative side of skill will be fruitful in your career or at home front. Children will be reason of happiness in this week. If you have any legal issues related to landed property and your individual period is good, then it seems best time to win the case.


Virgo: Unmarried people may get involved with someone from neighbor. Those, who belong to writing or any sort of artistic/ creative work, it’s time to encash it. Your conjugal life will improve. Professionally, it seems tough time for the time being for you.


Libra : You may be getting chance to meet people from different walks of life. Relation with mother will not be good. You may plan to purchase furniture in this week. Chances of getting marriage proposals are on high.


Scorpio: Being short-tempered and managing it in more sophisticated way simultaneously will come naturally in you. Your will-power and determination will ease your adverse situation. There is chances of family growth in this week.


Sagittarius: Your atheist attitude will be hovering in your behavior with loved ones also. You may be living in the world of illusions, You need special care on your words while communicating with your people.


Capricorn :Many influence of planets will make you wiser. In the beginning of this week, you will find things out of control but by the weekend , you will be calm and composed with the circumstances.


Aquarius : Your inclination towards donation and spirituality will be risen but some of you will spend money for no reason which you will repent later. You will be in romantic mood and getting involve with opposite gender seems stronger.


Pisces : You may have an optimistic approach towards life which can add flavor in life. You need to behave wiser in your talk to prove as an effective personality. Financially , it will be a moderate period.

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