Astrology : 14th May – 20th May 2017

Astrology : 14th May – 20th May 2017
Kiran Pandey Rai

Astrology : 14th May – 20th May 2017

One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week Astrology : 14th May – 20th May 2017, 2015 by the famous astrologer Kiran Rai Pandey. My Skype ID is kiran_18061 and Phone no. for watsaap, Viber is +97433517987. You can reach me through Acharya Kiran Pandey Rai on FB.


Aries: This week may give you wisdom to act in better way with loved ones. Time to be highly careful about health as well as your attitude towards your relatives. Luxury will be at its best in your daily routine. You need to take care of eyes or dental issue may persist. Financial aspect won’t have any change in this week.
Taurus: This period tends you to move towards irrational side of life. Your effort to take up meditation will help you the most. You may come across person of opposite gender and you might be confused over relationship’s authenticity . Prefer to be less vocal in most of the conversation.
Gemini: Being punctual at your work may create overall disturbance in your routine. Avoid being aggressive in your approach with one and all. Your children will be very supportive in this period. Workplace will be a better place for you. Your may be bereaved of family life.
Cancer: Effect of mars and sun will provoke your anger as well as logic . You must follow a proper diet chart to keep your stomach balance . Fortune will follow your path of romance and love. This is the time to break the ice of new turn of life. Pilgrimage may be taken up by you in this week.
Leo: Your work will shine among your colleagues and finally you will get recognition finally after long wait but at the same time your image will be in toss. Overall a period of being more careful is approaching in this week. Monetary aspect will be better . Health of spouse will be effected.
Virgo: Those who have been waiting to start marital life , they can get a chance to meet their alliance. Relation with spouse will be better but you may not get the pleasure of being with family . Your co-workers will conspire against you. You will have a proper balance between spiritual and modern thought.
Libra : You may meet your friends after long time. Friends will support you in your most of the vision and venture. Health seems prone in coming week with seasonal ailments. You should try to avoid driving . It’s better to use public transport these days. A lukewarm will be experienced.
Scorpio: You will present yourself like a haughty persona among your loved ones while this act of yours will not be done deliberately . Do not try to be modest otherwise you will distract your righteous path and you will have to keep pleasing others. Your kids will be source of happiness in this week.
Sagittarius: This phase of month indicates you to rethink before every action . Take out sometime for yourself and introspect your thought and actions. Your partner may also be bothered by your behavior. Avoid any electronic means of communication to message any of important matter. You will be at your best in applying strategy to deal with situation still try to be careful.
Capricorn: Your isolated feeling will reward you in any form and that reward will be received now or after a couple of months for sure. Your mother may have some issues at her personal front of work which will further bother you. Achievements will knock your door.
Aquarius : This week will relax you a bit at financial aspect . You may travel for short period and this travel will be one of the successful journey. Your effort will be recognized among your people. Your parents may be disturbed which will diminish your pleasure for the moment. Overall a good weak is waiting ahead.
Pisces : Sun will transit to Aries and conjunct with Mars which will give you amazing communication specially for lawyers, journalists and those who belong to communication industries. Others also will have good time in most of the aspects of life. Only sensitive area will be the relation with younger siblings or neighbors.

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