‘Are you on Twitter?’ The most hilarious question asked to PM Modi

‘Are you on Twitter?’ The most hilarious question asked to PM Modi
Parul Srivastava

NBC Anchor’s question receives huge backlash

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently in Russia. He held a talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin on various topics including power plants, terrorism, trade and investment. But guess what? None of them are making headlines. In fact, it’s Megyn Kelly, NBC anchor, who is making headlines for her question that she asked to PM Modi.

PM Narendra Modi at dinner party in Russia

Kelly, who is in St. Petersburg, Russia to interview Putin, was at Konstantin Palace’s state dinner where she also met Prime Minister Narenda Modi. The question which she asked to PM Modi not just seemed awkward, but also seemed badly researched.

She asked PM, “Are you on Twitter?”(One of the most followed leaders in world) The situation came into light when Prime Minister Narendra praised Kelly for her picture, where she is posing with an umbrella, to which the seemingly taken aback Kelly asked the PM, “Are you on Twitter?”

Since then Kelly is receiving a huge backlash on the Twitter. Desi Twitterattis have asked her to do her homework properly.

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