Are You Compatible With Your Partner!

Are You Compatible With Your Partner!

Are You Compatible With Your Partner!

“Everything is fair in love and war”, we have heard this phrase thousands of times in our life. Being in love is the most the beautiful feeling that one can have but do you have a healthy loving relationship?

A healthy relationship isn’t that hard as you can always have it by just knowing a few facts about your lover.

Are You Compatible With Your Partner!

Are you compatible with your partner Source

A long term successful relationship needs compatibility and chemistry between you and your lover and you can ensure it. For that, you do not need to take any expert’s advice, just take the quiz below and find out how compatible you are in your relationship.

1. Does your partner value your opinion?

a) Never
b) Sometimes
c) Considers your opinion every time

Are You Compatible With Your Partner!

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2. Do you feel equally respected in the relationship as your partner?

a) No
b) Sometimes
c) Yes

3. Who apologizes first when you people have a fight?

a) Every time he/ she
b) Every time I have to apologize
c) Sometimes me and sometimes my partner.

4. Are you candid with your partner, means can you share any secret of yours with him/ her?

a) No, I am not; I can’t share any information with him/ her as a friend.
b) I have to first decide which information I have to share.
c) I can share any information with my partner. He/ she is my friend first and then my lover.

Are You Compatible With Your Partner!

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5. Do you face violence in your relationship?

a) Yes, all the time she/ he gets aggressive when we have any argument.
b) Sometimes, but my partner immediately apologies after his/ her act.
c) Never, we are that compatible.

If you have scored maximum C’s then you have a healthy relationship, maximum B’s makes your relationship a twist and turn which means that sometimes it gets sour and sometime sweet. But if you have maximum A’s then your relationship is on the dangerous edge.

A good relationship can be worked out at all the times, here are a few suggestion, so that you can enjoy the happiness all the time.

• Communicate with each other
• Never extend your fights, try to solve them as soon as possible
• Try to apologize first no matter how much you are hurt.
• Try to put aside your egos.

So, trust each other and stop worrying about others and experience happiness in your life.

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