An open letter to all the Badass out there!

An open letter to all the Badass out there!

Revolution: The wall of Patience is about to Fall

To all the badass out there, to all the crime runners roaming everywhere, don’t take our innocence for granted, don’t think that everything is going exactly as you wanted. The wall of patience is about to fall. Get ready for a revolution!

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You will soon have to pay for your sins and this time, we will not be alone, we all will join our hands to break each of your bone. So, start counting your days, Tick tock tick tock…….

Because it’s time to take revenge, Revenge for each of our suffering and pain. Revenge for every tear that our eyes have shed, we will come as wind and wipe you away. We are quiet and composed and that doesn’t mean that we are afraid or weak.

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Remember that the sea is also calm before a storm. And she said it right,” we are a nightmare dressed like a daydream.” We will stand by each other. We will stand for each other. We will destroy whosoever will come in between. We will set an example for the world to see.

We are coming, and this time we are not going to spare you. Trust us!

Because enough is enough. You people are testing our patients hard. The time is running, so it better you should run. We want to make it a better place for ourselves and we know you will not change. You will keep making same mistakes, so we have decided to give it back to you.

The choice is yours!

From all the Beautiful, Bold and most important strong women out there!

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