Air India will reserve seats for women: Reports

Air India will reserve seats for women: Reports
Radhika Srivastava

Air India is expected to reserve seats for women

There is a good news for all the women passengers out there. According to latest buzz, the maharaja carrier Air India will soon reserve seats for women on domestic flights. Reports further added, that from January 18 onwards six seats will be reserved for the women on every domestic flight.
For the first in the in the world seats will be reserved only for women passengers on planes. Earlier, there was no such rules for the women that too in planes. This is for the first time when women are getting this kind of a special treatment.

If we will talk about India, here other modes of transport in including local and long-distance trains, metros and buses have reserved berths, seats or coaches for women. And now it is and advantage for women that they will get reserved seats in planes too.

reserve seats for women

Air India to reserve seats for women, Representative Image

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How this move came into an act?

Well, the move came after a recent on-board incident when a flyer reportedly groped a woman co-passenger on Air India’s Mumbai-Newark flight. During the flight, a business class passenger changed his seat to sit next to a female passenger in the economy class and allegedly groped her when she fell asleep. Then only authorities decided to reserve some seats for women only.

Commendable step for women safety

Women are really not safe at any corner of the world, but then precautions are needed in order to provide them some safety. We must say this is a good step taken by Airlines to reserve seats for women. It is a commendable step and it should be appreciated. Let’s see when the airline will roll out its policy.

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