Adventure sports you must try

Why not be a little Daring next year? Here are adventure sports you must try in 2k17!

Are you a daring person? Do you love adventure? Are you up for a little Escapade? Then why not fill some excitement to your life. Let us face our fears and fill our life with excitement. Here are few adventure sports that you can try in 2017.

This coming year, why not make it a point to experience some adventure. The best way to do so without risking one’s life is by getting indulged in an adventure sport.

One can find so many adventure sports nearby if tried. So, let us have a look at few of the most popular adventurous sports which you can use for generating a little adrenaline rush in your body:

Adventure sports you must try
Face the fears

· Downhill mountain biking

It might seem very easy because people often compare it with childhood bike riding. But, let me tell you there is a vast difference. Bikes used for downhill mountain biking are completely different.

They have a front and rear suspension with 8-inches of travel, the brakes are completely different and the path is extremely steep, with very sharp turns. So, make sure to learnt the appropriate skills required before trying this sport.

· Hang Gliding

For people suffering from Acrophobia, this sport will definitely help in overcoming their fear. Hang gliding is an air sport in which a pilot flies a light, non-motorised foot-launched heavier-than-air aircraft called a hang glider.

The pilot is in a harness suspended from the air-frame and controls the aircraft by shifting body weight in opposition to a control frame.

Adventure sports you must try
Underwater escapade

· Cave diving

Unlike the name, this is not normal cave exploration. In this, one has to go deep under the water and visit the cave. It is mainly considered as a technical type of diving and has a beautiful scenic beauty.

· Running with bulls

In an 8-day festival celebrated across the villages of Spain, Mexico, Portugaland in some cities of France, this sport is performed. According to Spanish tradition, the youth showed their bravery by running in front of the bulls. This sport is practiced since 14th century. If you are planning to participate, make sure you are good at running.

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