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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Android Phones

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Android Phones
Inder Rawat

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Android Phones

∙ Advantages of Android phones
∙ Disadvantages of Android phones

Android Phone

Android Phone

Today, technology has completely taken over our lives. Imagining life without smartphone seems next to impossible, right? Now – a- days everyone use android phones, and they have actually made our lives easier. But everything in this world has two sides. No doubt, android phone is a great invention but it too have disadvantages. Android was developed by Google, and now it is the bestselling mobile operating system all across the globe. All the mobile phone companies except Apple use Android operating system. It is more reliable, and easy to use but it too have disadvantages. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Android phones.


Advantages of Android phones

Remainder of Notifications – There is always a remainder of notification on the home screen of Android phones. Any kind of notification which is important for us like SMS, E-mail, Missed call, and so on there will be a notification for that and it never miss the LED indicator to blink whenever there is a notification.

Multitasking – Every Android phone can run many applications at the same time. For an example while using Facebook you can hear song at the same time.

Widget – Widgets help you to access a variety of settings very quickly and easily.

Easy accessibility to several apps – Android phones provides you to access several apps easily and free. This is one of the best advantages of Android phones. There are thousands of apps in the play store which are free to download.

Different model – Like IOS is limited to the iPhone from Apple, Android operating system is available for various manufacturers like HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, One Plus and many other.

Install a modified ROM – If you doesn’t like the original display of Android, so there many customize ROM that you can use.

Bigger Screen – Android phones provide you bigger screen in less price as compared to iPhone.

Disadvantages of Android phones

Less memory storage – It provides you external storage memory but due to the small system storage it very hard to download heavy applications or to play heavy games on the phones.

Automatic closing of Apps/Games – It is major drawback of Android phones that large apps/games are forced to close while which is annoying.

Data connection – Android phones uses a lots of data because all the apps are processing in the background all the time.

Battery life – As Android use lots of data because of the processing in the background it also take battery and it decrease battery performance.



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