Add Antioxidants in Your Diet

Add Antioxidants in Your Diet


The doctors believe that antioxidants are immensely useful for your body so include antioxidants in your daily diet. Antioxidants can protect you against cancer and retard the process of aging. They also strengthen your immune system and keep your heart and other vital organs healthy.


Despite of being aware of their health-boosting properties, people do not consume ample amount of fruits and vegetables which are the chief sources of antioxidants.


How to Get Antioxidants in your Daily Food:

Below are mentioned some easy ways to include antioxidants in your diet.


Add Antioxidants in Your Diet



Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Put some strawberries and yoghurt in a blender and prepare a healthy antioxidant rich shake that will not only keep you healthy but will also protect you from invading infections.


Make a habit to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily breakfast.



You can add some more antioxidants in your daily intake. Simply add some raisins or some fresh grapes. You can also add some strawberries in fresh curd and have as snacks.


Lunch dinner:

It might appear clichéd and hackneyed but salads should always be included in your lunch. Green salads are classy and full of rich antioxidants. Add some freshly crushed peppers, tart cranberries and tomatoes. Broccoli salad can be ideal for your lunch. Depending upon you taste, include beans, tomatoes peppers or red onions.



An antioxidant-rich dessert can be made from mixing berries in whipped cream. It is undoubtedly and yummy way to stay healthy.



Drink coffee or tea instead of soda. Both coffee and tea have lots of anti oxidants.


Think outside the box:

Besides berries and salads, antioxidants are also present in a variety of foods such as artichokes, small red beans and russet potatoes.


According to the scientists beans have more antioxidants than blueberries.


Cook lightly:

Cook your vegetables lightly as over-cooking destroys the antioxidants. Be careful while cooking the veggies in order to retain their beneficial properties.


Plant a garden:

The commercially vegetables and fruits are not actually pure. Experts believe that it is good to have your own kitchen garden and plant vegetables and fruits for daily consumption.


Take healthy diet:

Avoid eating outside your home. Restaurant and hotels do not always provide healthy food.


These are a few and healthy ways to get antioxidants from your food. Try them and get the maximum health benefits.




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