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Actor Varun Dhawan’s serious apologies! Here is all what he has to say!

Actor Varun Dhawan’s serious apologies! Here is all what he has to say!
Radhika Srivastava

Is Varun apologizing to Kangana for making fun of her “Nepotism remarks”?

The young and passionate actor Varun Dhawan has apologised for his “Nepotism rocks” act at the IIFA Awards in New York this year, which created a stir over social media last week. The act take a dig at actress Kangana Ranaut and her comment on filmmaker Karan Johar’s talk show that he was the ‘flag bearer of nepotism’.

Varun made fun of the queen of Bollywood over her Nepotism remarks. Varun, son of veteran filmmaker David Dhawan, along with Karan Johar and actor Saif Ali Khan, brought up the nepotism debate yet again at the awards. Later, all three of them received criticism on social media from the Twitterati calling their act “disappointing”. As they forgot that they were making fun of none other than Kangana Ranaut aka queen of Bollywood.

Varun Dhawan’s apologies

varun dhawan

Well, actor soon realized that what he done was absolutely wrong. Varun took to his Twitter account and tweeted “I express my apology and regret… I am extremely sorry if I have offended or hurt anyone with that act.”Karan and Saif, who were hosting the gala, revisited the much-talked about nepotism issue that started in Bollywood when Kangana Ranaut branded Karan as a “flagbearer of nepotism” on his chat show. When Varun joined the two actors on the IIFA 2017 stage to receive the Best Performance in a Comic Role award for Dishoom, Saif joked that the actor had made it big in the industry because of his father.

Chat on the show goes like this:

“You are here because of your papa,” Saif said to Varun in a sarcastic way.

Varun said, “And you are here because of your mummy (veteran actress Sharmila Tagore).”

Karan then promptly added, “I am here because of my papa (late filmmaker Yash Johar).”

They then said in unison, “Nepotism rocks”.

Later on, a string of criticism followed over Twitter, describing what the personalities said was unfunny and joking about Kangana in her absence was unfair.

The nepotism debate has played out over the last few months, with both Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar taking turns to take potshots at each other.

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