AAP Party Releases Election Manifesto

AAP Party Releases Election Manifesto

AAP Party Releases Election Manifesto

7th February is all set to become a date on which the Voters of Delhi will finally cast their vote to choose their representative after a long presidential rule.

AAP Party Releases Election Manifesto


Between all rallies, press conferences and war of statements, the parties are releasing their election manifestos to impress the voters.

On 31st January AAP party addressed the media and released their election Manifesto. Arvind Kejriwal has included almost every section of Delhi and has promised to give the best facilities to the people of Delhi.

His list includes:

Free medical facilities for senior citizens.

20 more colleges in Delhi would be opened so that every student gets admission into the college.

10 – 15 lakh CCTV cameras would be installed in Delhi to ensure the safety of women.

Will try to make Delhi the hub of the service sector and would allow new industries to set up in Delhi without any problem.

Entire area of Delhi would be connected to Wi- Fi as that would increase Delhi’s connectivity as well as it will also ensure the safety of women.They will provide an emergency button for the security of women.

During the rainy season, they will facilitate rain water harvesting to conserve water for Delhi as that will also help solve the problem of water in the capital to a large extent.

Will clean Yamuna and will beautify the area around it.

12,000 home guards will be made permanent and in every bus and at least one home guard would be on duty in the bus.

20,000 liter of free water would be provided to the People of Delhi.

Fast track court would be set-up for quick justice.

There is so much more that he has promised to the people of Delhi. He appealed that if the people of Delhi will show confidence in him, he will completely change the condition of Delhi in the next 5 years and people would feel proud to be a part of it.

Now, whether he will keep his promises or not will all depend on the results of the election. Till then, being a wise voter you have to decide whom you will give your vote to.

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