A Story of Love-Hate relationship

A Story of Love-Hate relationship, India’s leading online fashion destination unveiled an exclusive collection on the lines of an upcoming film ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’ starring, Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt at Crown Plaza, Okhla, Delhi.

The presence of the star-cast of the movie and their peppy performance on the already hit track ‘Saturday Saturday’ set the event rolling. Speaking on the occasion the Founder and Managing Director of, Praveen Sinha said “We are highly elated to launch this stylish and chic ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’ collection on Jabong. We are growing from strength to strength in the e-commerce sector, and this collaboration exemplifies the stature we hold in the market. When such magnum opus brand names show an inclination in getting associated with us, it excludes nothing, but the power of e-commerce and Jabong. The fashion industry draws heavily from Bollywood, we at Jabong cater such eclectic needs of people. From international apparel honchos, to the classic bollywood fashion parade, Jabong,com now has everything under one roof.” On the same occasion Varun and Alia briefed A.Kameshwari from One World News about the movie and their experience of working in it.

How has the ‘Delhi’ experience been so far and what do you like it here?

Varun: I have always been a foodie and that is why I was quite chubby in my childhood like Humpty, my character in the film. I have heard a lot about Delhi University’s Lassi and I am planning to taste it when I come here the next time. The Delhi food amuses me a lot. Most probably, I will tell someone next time I am here to get me that lassi for sure. As a kid I have been a lot to the paranthe wale gali with my cousins, uncles etc.

Alia: Well he wasn’t that chubby but I will agree with him completely that Delhi has amazing food. The freshness of vegetables, chaat, chutney etc. cannot be found anywhere else in the country. I think I find the best parantha at my place. When we come to Delhi we think of food only but unfortunately when I come here I can’t think of food as I have to maintain a diet as well. In Chandigarh, we used to have a caterer who would always make Gudh ke paranthe, Garlic Naan etc. and me and Varun used to fill our stomachs with salad. As far as exploring Paranthe wali gali is considered I haven’t been there.


How different is your role as compared to Seenu?

Varun: I think on the basis of character, Seenu and Humpty are completely different. Like Seenu says “Mein dikhta hoon sweet, innocent, swami, type ka par hoon bada H***** type ka”, Humpty says, “Bachpan me na main bada mota tha toh log mujhe humpty bulaate the, isliye I am called Humpty, how do you do?” Ever since I started my acting career I wanted to play a role of Delhi-wala, humpty is Delhi guy whose father owns a book shop called Vidya Book Centre in Khan Market, but he behaves as if he is some millionaire’s son. He is pure character of Delhi. The characteristic of Delhites is so different that they stand out in crowd no matter where they are. I have a cousin who stays in Delhi and whenever I would converse with him I would be puzzled why he talks that way, “Bhaiyya, chalo na Big Chill (café) chalte hai waha ki cold coffee top ki hai, todu hai.” And when I told him that I am coming for promotions to Delhi, he said not to come to his college because he doesn’t want people to checkout Alia because he won’t like it. (Laughs) so, yes! I think these were the things which I strike me on talking about Delhi.

Seenu was a fictitious character; he takes panga with the policemen, keeps people on their toes and he is more of a hero whereas Humpty is very soft guy who cries watching emotional movies and a true DDLJ lover. He talks as if thousands of girls are behind him, but even if one gives him a smile, he falls for her. He is a genuine character. So, whatever I have observed since my childhood about Delhites, humpty is one of them. And I suppose we all have some shades of Humpty in us.

No doubt you are an amazing dancer, but would we see Varun only as a dancer or also acting out various themes?

Varun: I knew you would ask this (with excitement)! Well my next movie is Sriram Raghavan’s. It is an out an out dark-thriller movie. The movie has hardly any songs and yes, no dancing number. And talking about ABCD 2, it is another level of dancing. I am playing the lead but the movie has more of group dancing. We have Prabhu Deva in it, so you can imagine what level of dancing it would be.


How was the experience working with Alia, all over again?

Varun: Amazing. I would like to say that wherever we have been for promotions, I feel as if I am walking with Robert de Niro, because after ‘Highway’ people are like ‘You did Highway!’ followed by a cold response for me, “Oh you did Main Tera Hero”. Genuinely, I feel she has grown a lot and the chemistry we share in Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania is truly an experience for both of us. A lot of times we felt as if we are not been shot because of the love-hate relationship we share. We are not like professional actors who come and pose; when we are together we become Humpty and Kavya or Varun and Alia who ironically are pretty close to the characters of Humpty and Kavya.

How has been your experience with Varun?

Alia: : In ‘Student Of The Year’, me and Varun didn’t come together eventually, it was me and Sidharth. And after that, everyone was like Alia + Varun = VARIA, and we were wondering what made them say so, because we didn’t even have enough scenes. So, we thought we would do an out and out romantic movie and Humpty is one of them. We do have this love and hate relationship just like those school kids who share a bond but are always fighting. The love between Humpty and Kavya is really innocent and the scenes we shot are really playful. We didn’t feel as if we are acting, in real life we mess-up with each other a lot but also stand for each other when required.

Kavya is among those strong girls who stand for Humpty even more than he would stand for her. Even in the poster Kavya is lifting Humpty. So, they both have so much energy in them that one needs to take a nap in between to soak in the energy and liveliness.

Which song was the best to shoot?

Alia: ‘Saturday Saturday’ is a really good song. Awesome set, high-fashioned clothes and the brief was to show Varun and me completely hot. I never had the ‘Hot’ tag with me so I was really stressed about it. I kept working out on my holiday trip so that I can look good. Eventually, I was appreciated a lot. So, I am happy.

In movie you are a Kareena Kapoor fan, so in reality who do you look up to?

In reality too I am a big Kareena Kapoor fan. I am her reel and real fan.

Picture Courtesy : A. Kameshwari, OneWorldNews

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