A Quest To Travel Solo

A Quest To Travel Solo

If you are a travel freak or simply love travelling, the idea of travelling solo must have crossed your mind. But, like many people, you may have shunned it away thinking that it would be boring, it’s not safe or you are not confident enough.

So, I have come out with some reasons as to why travelling solo is the best thing that can happen to a traveler.

A Quest To Travel Solo

The raging Beas river

• No one to judge

You could do anything you want without others giving you a judgmental look. Eat whatever you want, go wherever you want and do any activity you wish to do. No convincing required.

• Introvert to extrovert

If you are not comfortable with socializing and are an introvert but eagerly want to change, then travelling alone can do wonders for you.When you travel solo, you learn to initiate conversations with complete strangers because not getting to talk to someone for days will drive you crazy.

Sooner or later your social skills will improve and you would get comfortable interacting with people.

• The man who travels alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready

How many times has it happened to you that you are all set for a splendid holiday vacation but your friend’s and your dates don’t match or he remembers some important work and backs out?

Well, while travelling solo, you just have to see your own convenience. No need to make compromises and no need to talk it out with anyone.

• Self-Discovery

We are living in a virtual world where people’s views on you are defined by your facebook profile. In such a world, you tend to forget who you really are.Travelling solo helps you come out of this world. You get to know things about yourself, and some qualities that you never thought you possessed. For example- Being responsible or being independent.

• Feel Confident

There is no greater feeling than embarking on a courageous journey alone with an open heart and an open mind.

• Put some spark into your not so exciting love life

Yes, that’s true. People seem to be drawn to lone travelers. Telling you from personal experiences.

A Quest To Travel Solo

Cherish the beauty of nature.

I think the last detail has given you enough motivation to travel solo. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and rush.

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