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The quirky star cast of VIP 2 addressed Media in New Delhi

The quirky star cast of VIP 2 addressed Media in New Delhi
Akhil Singh

Kajol and Dhanush promoted their film in Delhi

Today the star cast of the VIP 2 promoted their film in the capital that is the sequel  to VIP which was released   in 2014. VIP 2 is Directed by Soundarya Rajinikanth, the film has story and dialogues by Dhanush. The star cast addressed the media in PVR PLAZA in CP, New Delhi. The Hindi trailer was also launched today and the Star cast briefed the Media about the movie. The Hindi song of VIP 2 was also launched and the response from the movie is expected to be same as VIP as it was a blockbuster in South.

Kajol and Dhanush  arethe main star cast of VIP 2 as they briefed about the movie’s plot and story. Kajol also spoke about her character in the movie that is ‘VASUNDHRA’ and it is a very stubborn kind of girl.  Vasundhara is a self-made girl and she is a business tycoon and when she meets Dhanush that is Raghuvaran and he challenges her on every single step.

Kajol also talked about the problems she faced while shooting in a different language as this is her comeback in the south Indian movie after two decades she told that “the first 2 days were very difficult”. It will be a treat to watch this type of chemistry between Kajol and Dhanush.

Kajol rejected the script once

Kajol also said,“ I rejected this script and I never wanted to work on this movie but the way Dhanush and Saundarya briefed me the way they narrated the story was commendable and then only I was agreed and I did this movie and hope you people will like this.”

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