7 fascinating psychological facts you must be aware of!

Intentionally or unintentionally your behavior is affected!

We always try to find the true meaning of our existence. Sometimes we do something, and then think what was the logic of my behavior? In fact, there is always some logic, but most of the time it is hidden in our own minds.

So, here are some psychological facts that affect our behavior. Just go through it and know more about yourself!

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1. Anchoring effect

People feel it much easier to evaluate something if they have the original price (even if it’s wrong) like an anchor. It is often used by stores. For example, you don’t buy a blouse for $300 in your right mind. But if you see it originally cost $1,000, you will think it is a sin to miss such a great deal, although the initial price might be invented.

2. The paradox of choice

The paradox of choice says that the more choices there are, the less the possibility we will be happy with our final choice. Remember: sometimes you buy something and then regret it because you could have bought it on sale, or another model.

3. Clustering Illusion

This illusion is characterized by the tendency to see a certain system in random coincidences. This especially applies to gamblers and lovers of fate signs. Both of them can wrongly interpret events. Do not wind yourself up, people.

4. The Kuleshov Effect

The effect when a viewer, after seeing two unrelated frames, unconsciously makes up a logical connection for them is called the Kuleshov effect. This effect is successfully used not only among cinematographers but also among marketers.

5. Body negative

“Body negative” is a condition where a person thinks they are ugly, and this is why their personal life is a fail. And their whole life is a fail. Most often such people are attractive, and the problem is there low self esteem.

6. Hard to reach effect

Roughly speaking, this is the phenomenon telling that the hard-to-reach is always more desirable. Even if we look at it from a human level: closed, high-status, “no-one-knows-what’s-on-their-mind” people always seem a more interesting object to get acquainted with.

7. The unknown fear of beauty

Most important it is. Did you notice that ordinary people are less likely to sit down next to beautiful people? They do it only if there are no other seats left. The reason is people go through excessive tension when they sit next to beautiful people.

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