6 Smartphone companies that have set a benchmark

6 Smartphone companies that took the world by storm

Samsung was world’s top Smartphone maker till 2014 – though only by a margin. The Korean giant company then came under assault from Apple’s popular iPhone 6, which broke several records in the mobile market. But today many mobile manufacturing companies who were not known until last 3-4 years are giving tough competition to both Apple and Samsung in terms of its sale. Here are 6 Smartphone companies that have set a benchmark for others.

Here is the list of few Smartphone companies who went from zero to hero:


Xiaomi, who launched its first phone in 2011, expanded its roots beyond China into India and several other countries of the Southeast Asia, making it a colossal regional threat to companies such as Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, among many others.

6 Smartphone companies that have set a benchmark


OnePlus is China’s newly introduced big Smartphone-maker, entered the market in 2013. Influenced by Xiaomi, it sells its handsets only online, and comparatively has a strong hardware at a delightful low price. Unlike Xiaomi, OnePlus is going global from day one itself.


Oppo gave birth to OnePlus, but the parent firm is not doing that well, but OnePlus in making headlines internationally. Still, it is trying hard to survive in the international market.

Oppo is currently aiming to target the international Smartphone market as a part of its aim of going global.


Indian company Micromax is not upholding any fight with Xiaomi. Micromax in itself is gradually improving the quality of its hardware as well as the smoothness of its UI. It has also joined hands with Google for making a cheap Android Smartphone and has collaborated with CyanogenMod and created ‘hipper Yu’ with only online sales.


Karbonn is currently regulating itself up for the monumental battle in future. It followed Micromax in constructing an Android phone. Karbonn is a comparatively smaller than Micromax, but both are strongly growing in line with India’s big shift to Smartphone.


Though comparatively smaller than its two rivals, Xolo is keen to be an effective part of India’s low-mid range Smartphone market. However, its prices are not as compelling as those of its local rivals.

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