6 Foods that should not be reheated

6 Foods that should not be reheated

Do not reheat these foods

Today, cooking has become an easy task, thanks to the technology. We have microwaves which allows us to quickly cook the food. We can also reheat food whenever we want, but do you know reheating food can kill all nutrients of your dish. Here is a list of 6 food items that should not be reheated.

Microvawe and food

Microvawe and food

Here is a list of foods that can cause of food poisoning after reheating

  • Spinach and Beets: Reheat for second time can turn these veggie foods in toxic and release carnicogenic properties. So next time, when you cook these foods, be sure that it should be less in quantity, so that you should not have to store it for long.
  • Mushroom: Usually, mushrooms should be cleaned properly. Once they are cooked, you should consume them immediately.Reheating it can cause problem to you belly.
  • Eggs: Reaheating eggs could be toxic and adversely affect your digestive system.
  • Potatoes: If we leave potatoes at room temperature instead of immediately refrigerating, it can lead to the growth of botulism, a bacteria. So the best option is to
  • Rice: According to the Food Standard Agency, reheating rice could contain spores of bacteria. In cooked rice the spores can survive. The, if it is left at room temperature, it can cause food poisoning.


  • Chicken: Protein is available in the chicken and could be damaged by heating it for the second time and it can also affect your digestive system.

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