5 reasons why Sachin Tendulkar’s biopic is a must watch film for every cricket manic!

5 reasons why Sachin Tendulkar’s biopic is a must watch film for every cricket manic!
Radhika Srivastava

Sachin Tendulkar gave his best performance!

Sachin Tendulkar’s biopic “a billion dreams” has been released today. Although till now film has got mixed response from the fans, but it is definitely a must watch film for every cricket manic.

His journey from being a mischievous Bandra kid to scoring 100 international centuries has been a mega event. During his wonderful career, he broke many records and dominated star-studded bowling attacks on a consistent basis. The greatest ever leg-spinner Shane Warne had once said that he used to get nightmares of Sachin dancing down the track and hitting him back over his head for a six. What a cricketer Sachin is. He has earned millions of fans because of his performance.

The god of cricket

The god of cricket

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He has arguably been the most followed cricketer in the world and to acknowledge his life story a movie has been made named Sachin- A Billion Dreams. It will be a must watch for people from all walks of the life and it is expected to break a lot of records.

Here, are the following reasons why every cricket manic should watch the Sachin Tendulkar ‘s biopic :

1. The man himself had portraying his role

Tendulkar has made his acting debut with this film and everyone was super excited to watch his new avatar. It was not a tough task for the legend to play his role given he has done the same over and over again for 25 years. Sachin playing the lead role of himself also gave us that real life feeling and madee us relive his cricketing journey all over again.

The role of younger Sachin has portrayed by his son Arjun Tendulkar while Mayuresh Pem will play the role of his brother Nitin Tendulkar.

2. The movie has revealed some of his personal life aspects

As we all know Sachin Tendulkar was a very private person as a cricketer and liked keeping things within himself but this movie has reveal some personal details of Tendulkar’s life which we might have not known before.

3. Real match footages

The autobiographical movie also have some real match footages which help his fans and supporters relieve some of his best moments in his cricketing career. You will be able to witness the 2011 World Cup triumph all over again which will definitely take us back to 2nd April 2011. It was the proudest moment for Tendulkar and his child like celebrations was a proof of what the World Cup meant to the “Little Master”.

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar

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4. The dark side

Dark side of Master Blaster will also be revealed through the film. The infamous spot-fixing in beginning of the 21st century jolted Indian cricket. There was evidence against many Indian cricketers that they were involved in match-fixing scandal. Actions were taken against many. Mohammad Azharuddin was alleged to be the mastermind of this plan which also included some of his teammates. Though Azhar was later cleared of all the charges but it was enough to stop him from playing cricket again.

Tendulkar was totally silent on that matter and rather decided to stand by his country with his bat. When people started questioning the integrity of the cricketers, it was the master who again took the nation to greater heights. We might get to know some interesting aspects on that issue and Sachin’s state at that time.

5. Relationship with family and friends

Tendulkar had a very strong bonding with his parents. His father was an introvert and never talked much but was always by his son and told him to chase his dreams. It was the freedom which allowed Sachin to express himself on the field. He mentioned in his farewell speech that he thanks his mother for managing such a naughty kid like him. Through this film, we will be able to witness his mischievous childhood.

During childhood, Tendulkar stayed at his aunt’s place for a couple of years as his house was too far from Shivaji Park. He used to come back from practice and would fall asleep but his aunt would still feed him food so that he had the ability to perform the next day.

All we can say is we love you Sachin!

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