5 Commonest Beauty Myths Busted!

5 Commonest Beauty Myths Busted!

Beauty is something that needs utter care. And, that care, always compels us to knock every door for consult. Thus, be it our grandma’s beauty tips, a grooming advice from our colleague or a hair-secret shared by our best friend. We tend to render our ears to all, without fail and follow them too!

But, often while listening to various facts of beauty; we fail to classify between the true and the false ones. This makes us follow even those stupidest details or beauty tips which actually are of no good to us. Here are some of the most stupid and common beauty myths, busted by Permanent Makeup Expert and Executive Director of ALPS, Ms. Gunjan Gaur.

MYTH: People with oily skin tones do not need moisturizers

FACT: You might think that your oily skin produces enough oil to keep itself moisturized. But, in fact, if you deprive your skin off its due moisture, it tends to work overtime and eventually, produces more sebum – in turn making your skin look oilier. This makes our whole face, especially the T-zone look overtly shiny and greasy and results into acne problems. To avoid this, it would be wise to use a water-gel based moisturizer to balance the moisture on your skin and keep pimples at bay too.


MYTH: Brush your hair numerous times gives you super-shiny hair

FACT: Though, there is no harm brushing your hair in moderation. Over brushing should be completely avoided as it will only weaken your hair follicle, becoming the root cause for hair-fall. We have also heard that it improves the blood-circulation; which is too, in no way true, as it is massaging that does it, not brushing. In fact, severe brushing causes the scalp-oil to spread all over making it look stickier. As far as shine is concerned, it only depends upon the quality of hair products one uses.


MYTH: Costly products are more effective than low-cost ones

FACT: It is not the cost but ingredients of the product that matters. So, next time you buy a cosmetic product, it would be wise to read its product label for the ingredients used. Also, sometimes you are so likely to realize better effects of non-expensive product and sometimes even if you buy one breaking you bank it doesn’t work. So, it is wise to pick what suits you instead of using the label-check trick!

MYTH: Moisturizer applied at night is called a ‘night cream’.

FACT: Although, both are meant to hydrate the skin; they have completely unlike conditions to work-in. Like a major difference between a night cream and a day cream is that the latter contains SPF, for sun protection. Whereas, night creams are meant for cell-renewal process as your skin regenerates new cells during the night. Therefore, the ones with AHA and retinol content can be better called as a night cream. These creams are also known to slow-down one’s ageing process by working on it for overnight.

MYTH: Washing hair too often causes damage

FACT: This is the commonest of all. One may think that washing your hair regularly will cause damage and take away its shine too. But the truth is that dirt, oil and grease leaves worse effects like; hair fall, dandruff on your hair. You may round upon several organic and natural shampoo choices if you are have a habit of washing the hair regularly. This will cleanse your hair perfectly while causing no harm. So, just browse through, and find the brand which suits the texture of your hair and can be used as often as possible.

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So, the next time you step ahead to follow any such beauty tip, do it with your eyes open as one beauty mistake can cost you bucks! Consulting a doctor at an expert salon – accessible nowadays, is a safe bet when it comes to your skin and hair. This will surely take you to places.


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