30 days of Demonetisation :Common man is still suffering

30 days of Demonetisation :Common man is still suffering

30 days of Demonetisation, here are it’s after effects

On November 8, 2016 Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced currency ban to combat the black money. It’s been a month now, but people are still suffering. 30 days of Demonetisation and here are its after effects .



Government is trying it’s best to fight against the black money

The government is trying it’s best to stay a step ahead of black money hoarders. Ever since the demonetisation drive began on November 9. Despite of a lot of criticism from the opposition, government is on its toes trying to outmanoeuvre the tax evaders.

The government is trying it’s level best to combat the black money. It is constantly making changes in the rules. Tax laws have been made more attractive for tax evaders so that they can voluntarily declare their black money.

Demonetisation impact on E -commerce

Currency ban had a mixed impact on the online businesses of India. Mostly people prefer cash on delivery that means sales of E -commerce companies are heavily dependent on cash , and they have badly suffered.

On the other hand, digital payment start-ups have seen a sharp rise.

Long queues

Long queues

According to expert, it may take at least one more month to get back to normal.

What all common man has to say?

Well , common man of India initially was very happy when Prime Minister had announced Demonetisation, but it seems their frustration has crossed all the limits.

Standing in queues has become a daily routine and people want really want to get rid of long queues.

Well , Prime Minister has assured that everything will get back to normal soon . And after 50 days people will able to reap its benefits. So let’s all hope for the best .



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