One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week 2nd June-8th June, 2014 by the famous astrologer Kiran Pandey Rai.


Aries : There will be not much change in comparison to last week. Only health requires more attention now. People of marriageable age, can expect ring ceremony or marriage. Things can be delayed to achieve but not denied. Internal happiness will be there. Overall, a good week ahead.


Taurus : For youngsters, this week is indicating for you a date with someone long -waited. But somewhere it seems bitter ending of it. Most of you will be focused towards family only. Be aware of your colleagues who are creating problem for you by conspiring against you.


Gemini : There can be some digestion problems. You need to follow a healthy diet chart. You may come forward to help some NGO. It will give you immense satisfaction. Condition of spouse seems better this week. A very good professional week ahead. Getting-up early may help you.


Cancer : You will socialize with influential people on this weekend. In spite of all adverse situations, you will be safe at your workplace. If you are planning to purchase land or vehicle, try to delay by a couple of month. You may travel to a place which is known for its godly aura. Go for meditation.


Leo : The week ahead is providential for you professionally. Promotion is on card. But your anxiety can not have any control. Positive news from your kids is on the way. Financial gain is shown this week. Name and fame will be a part of your week. Your love life will be little insecure. Hanuman Chalisa should be chanted daily 7-11 times.


Virgo : Anger should be under the observation of your wisdom. Gain from foreign is approaching but health of father needs extra attention this week. You will meet some of your old acquaintance, which will make you nostalgic about your old days but don’t indulge yourself into alcohol or any unethical activity.


Libra : You will have a good time with family and friends. Recreation, picnics, movies, outings etc. will be prominent in your schedule, this week. Expenses will be out of pocket. But there will be blessings of your guru which will help you keep going.


Scorpio : You will have win-win situation further professionally. An activity such as gardening, re-arranging your interiors or shopping sets your subconscious mind, free to work on problems without much interference. You will feel better than last week.


Sagittarius : Financially you will grow but there will be some official tension. Unintentionally some miscommunication may cause question in your public image. Leave your work at your workplace once you leave your office. Don’t mix home and office to hell your life. Your arrogance needs a proper watch.


Capricorn : This week, your image will be changed as you will adopt a whole new way of behavior in a positive way. An interesting deal may come your way through your friend. You will have some fear without any reason. Moreover, a lukewarm week ahead.


Aquarius : Chances are that you will have an excellent start of the week. You need to give your best to strengthen your financial condition. Think wisely before you spend money. Gain through speculation can be expected but before investing money into this, you need to be more particular about your own planetary position.


Pieces : There is a possibility of dispute between siblings. Workplace will be next to your home on the mental comfort front. You will not be very peaceful at your home. Try not to bring your office at your bedroom. Your prime concern will be your kids or your own higher education.

Kiran Pandey Rai is a New Delhi based astrologer and can be reached at +91 9810-321-337 or at





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