2019 Lok Sabha Elections: Is PM Modi ready for a master stroke?

PM Modi

2019 Lok Sabha Elections: Who will the elections?

Well, time flies and after few months we will be in 2018, which means in less than 2 years from now India will cast its vote for Lok Sabha Elections. Now, the question arises who will win the Lok Sabha elections? Will Prime Minister Modi get the majority?

Prime Minister Modi is all geared up for the elections. He has left no stone unturned when it comes to performance. The recent reshuffle of the cabinet is one of biggest proof.

PM Modi

Detailed look at Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Prime Minister Modi’s victory in 2014 was a vote for change. People voted for him because they wanted a “Change”. They believed him and hoped for “Acche Din”. Notably, a lot of political observers believe that Modi will win hands down in the 2019 general elections. On the other hand, some believe that controversy such as lynching can be a threat to the power of Prime Minister Modi.

Demonetization was a big step. Some were happy with the move and some were against it. Overall, we can say Modi Wave is yet not over.
Why his chances of winning elections are high?

• Prime Minister Modi’s personal appeal remains intact. Indians have faith in him and his personal appeal is the biggest asset for the party.

• The second biggest asset for Saffron party is its parent organization, RSS. It had played a big role in party’s last victory.

The Modi- RSS duo fighting together in 2019, with government’s achievements so far, can bring Prime Minister back to power.

PM Modi

• There are people who are criticizing Modi government for Demonetization and increasing communal riots but it seems that the party has weathered from now.

• UP elections victory is one of biggest reasons that BJP can come in the center.
Let me elaborate, BJP won 312 seats out of 402 seats in Uttar Pradesh and came into power. The state is crucial for the general elections, given the fact that most populous state of India sends 80 Lok Sabha Parliamentarians an extremely crucial vote bank for any party. Notably, in 2014, BJP had won 71 seats. Their victory in the state has proved that their vote bank is secured but they have to keep voters engaged.

• The reshuffling of cabinet: He is sending signals that he wants work and only potential candidates will get the chance.

President Ram Nath Kovind is an incremental asset for the party. His selection has ticked all three electoral boxes: UP, Dalit, and Farmers.

The Biggest advantage of Modi

One of the biggest advantages for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi remained the same that nobody from the opposition seems capable to stand against Modi. Our country needs leader and there is nobody from the opposition who can give tough competition to him.

Talking about Congress, the main opposition party, it is still caught in the turmoil of its own. The party has divided opinions which mean there is no strong candidate from their side.

Factors are favourable for Modi government, but it should timely act on the reminders such as communalism and lynching to avoid the 2004 election results.

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