10 Good Reasons to pursue a career in Indian Railways

10 reasons why should make your career in Indian Railways

If you are pursuing a career in Indian Railways, then probably you are making the best decision of your life. This piece is for all those who are appearing for the Railway exams. From a shorter and better recruitment process to hiring retired professional and paid foreign tips for non gazetted staff, Indian Railways has emerged as the best employer in India.  Here are 10 convincing reasons to pursue a career in Indian Railways.

career in Indian railways

Handsome Salaries

We all look for monetary satisfaction. Yes, a lot of people love to follow their dream but money is the ultimate destination for all. Indian Railways pay you well. It offers comfortable salaries, job security, pensionable jobs, medical care and even study leaves. Along with basic pay, Railway Employees currently enjoy Dearness allowance (119%), Travel allowance, House rent allowance and benefits of Grade Pay.

Job Security

In the era of cut and throat competition, we all want job security. Job security brings stability and Indian Railways provide you job security.  The jobs are recession proof. You won’t experience pay cut just because the economy is going in loss.

Whoa! Travel is free

Indian Railways employees and their family members get free rail travel pass. That means you can easily plan your vacation and enjoy your holidays.

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Medical Care

Employees and their family members get free medical treatment at any hospital that comes under Railways. The medical treatment is of good quality. In extreme cases, the Railway pay for your medical treatment in other hospitals too.

Working environment will make you go gaga over it

When it comes to productivity, working environment matters a lot. Indian Railways provide to the wonderful working environment. Notably, the rate of attrition for Group A officers in merely 2%. It means employees rarely want to leave Indian Railway.

Study Leave – What else you want?

The Indian Railways not only invests in the training of its employees but also provide its employees extended study leave for higher education, at Railway’s own expense. Now, what else you want? Isn’t a wonderful job. There are so many benefits of making a career in Indian Railways and study leave is one of them.

Schools and Colleges facilities for children

 Railway colonies are full of all amenities. You need to worry about your child’s education. They access to good colleges and schools.

Indian Railways value its employees

There is no hire and fire policy in Indian Railways.  Once you are hired, then it is for a lifetime. You need not worry about firing or job security. The Railway department values their employees more.

Financial stability

In case you die while your service, your family member can get a job on compensating ground. This way your family’s financial stability would not be on stake.

Don’t leave your passion behind- Sports& Fitness

If you have interest in Sports and fitness, Railway doesn’t stop from playing it. You can use Railway facilities to train yourself.  Railway team competes in a variety of sports including cricket, hockey, badminton, and others.


Do you need more reasons to make your career in Indian Railways?  It is the largest employer in India and eight largest employers in the world. Did you know it has more than 14 lakh employees on its payroll?  Now, what are waiting for?  Go chase your dream job in Indian Railways.

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