10 types of girls you will find in Delhi Metro’s women coach!

10 types of girls you will find in Delhi Metro’s women coach!
Parul Srivastava

If you have ever traveled in Delhi Metro, you will relate to this!

We all have to admit that Delhi Metro has made our travel easy. With very effective A/C and no red lights, and traffic, metro is a boon for daily commuters. The connectivity is so good that you can travel whole Delhi with utmost ease, but as we know every coin has two sides, right? Now, let me elaborate it further. Travelling via metro not only saves your time, but it can also give you a reason to smile whole day. So without creating more mystery, let me come to the point. Well, I am talking about the pros and cons of travelling in women coach.

Types of girls in Delhi Metro

Here is a list of 10 types of girls that you will find in Delhi Metro’s women coach. Some are irritating, some are fashionable, and some are just epic. Take a

look at the list:

1.The Gatekeepers: No matter where they have to get down but they will always stand on the gates, blocking the way for others.

The gatekeepers

2.The Hungry one: The moment she will enter metro and take her seat, she will start eating and will keep eating till she gets off at her station.

3.The make –up Girl: As if she doesn’t have a mirror at her place. She will carry every beauty essential in her bag. She will comb her hair, will wear lip color, and will do her eyes too, without realizing that other girls are starring at her.

4.The Padhaku( studious) Girl : The one who has to study everything in a crowded metro. You will find her so engrossed in her book that she will not give a damn to others.

The studious one

5.The frustrated one: Even if you will offer a seat in courtesy, she will say thanks to you in the rudest manner.

6.The Loudspeaker: Standing next to her means that you will come to know about her life history in just few minutes. She will talk so loudly that you won’t be able to ignore her.

7.The Gossip Girl: They are generally known as Google of gossips. From padosh wali aunty (neighbor) to their boss, they will have some juicy information about everyone around them.

8.The starring cat: She will stare every girl who will board the metro, as if she is some from another planet.

9.Seat Stickers: Irrespective of the fact that they have to get down on the next station, they will not offer seat to anyone else. They will stick to their seat till the end, and just few seconds before they will shout, “Let me get down.”

10.The candy crush players: Some girls play games on phone with so much dedication, as if they will be rewarded with National award for it.

In case, I have missed anything. Do write to us I am sure some can irritate you but most of the time they will give you a reason to laugh whole day.

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