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10 things you’ll relate to if you are a winter person!

Here are 10 things you will definitely relate to if you love winter season

There is something special about winter season that makes it so damn special. Not everybody like it but some people just love this season. Be it hot chocolate, Aadrak ki chai or the varieties of Paranthe, the season has so many things to offer. It’s always better when it’s cold, right?

Are you a winter lover?

Here 10 things you will relate to if you are a winter person:

•Endless cups of hot chocolate: Yes, you can have as much as hot chocolate in the winter season. Wherever you go, you order it because you need to keep yourself warm.

No Bath days: Obliviously, you don’t get this liberty in the summer season. Only when its 10 degrees outside you can convince yourself to skip taking a shower.

The feeling of festive season: Winter season brings along happiness and warmth. Best festivals happen in Winter season – Christmas and New Year

No tension of waxing: Of course, winter season allows you to be you. For girls, it like a boon because they need not to rush to salons for getting their legs and arms waxed.

•Rock Winters with your boots and trenched coats: Who says that you can’t look like a diva in the winter season. Just take out your trench coat, boots and wear those dark lip shades and be a diva.

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•You can eat as much you can: Yes, there is no boundation on eating during the winter season. So you can eat as much as you can and that’s we just love this season.

Mulled wine and Rum instantly give you a feeling of a holiday: We know that you just love Beer but there is nothing like a peg of Rum on a winter afternoon. It gives you the instant feeling of holiday.

Sex in winter is awesome: Some might not like the idea but sex in winter season is just awesome. You just don’t feel like coming out of the quilt.

The winter only delights: There are few things that you can exclusively get in winter season such as gur ki chikooo, groundnuts, hot popcorn vendors and so much more.

You hate it when people say its cold outside: It’s obvious that it would be cold outside but still, people say it’s really outside.

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