10 Things You Will Relate If You Are Dating A Vegetarian!

Vegetarian vs Non-vegetarian

Things You Relate If Your Partner Is A Vegetarian

Food is our first priority and we cannot deny this fact, we want a company in which we can enjoy our food without any disturbance and interference of someone.

Dating someone is a wonderful feeling, but it is not possible that our partner have same food preferences.

Vegetarian vs Non-vegetarian

We categorized people on three basis when it comes to food.

Vegetarians, Non-Vegetarians and those who eat both.(Omnivore)Non-Vegetarians are very obsessed with their food and always we hear them proudly saying this thing. But what if, your partner or a person you are dating is a Vegetarian!?

Here are 10 things you will relate if you are dating a vegetarian:

1. No Sharing: What else is the best thing in this world, Right? You will never have to offer your food with your vegetarian partner.

2. Aggressive fights over choices: When it comes to choices, both vegetarians and non-vegetarians prove their point about their
holy choices and that’s where the fight lits up.

3. Lessons To Lead A healthy life by turning a vegetarian by your Veg lover: Their vegetarian lessons and bragging about how good and healthy their veg food is always a point of discussion.

4. When they order your choice of food: It feels like heaven on earth and melody in ears.

5. Smell is always an issue: Vegetarians always have to face this, undoubtedly. Smell of non-vege food is little strong for for who
are vegetarian.

6. One day is for pure veg food: No matter what, but you have to deal with this one day ritual.

7. Sometimes, you question your own food choices: Your partner puts you in so much guilt sometimes, that you have to question your own choices.

8. Lecture of eating innocent animals: If you are dating a vegetarian, you always have this sin on your head of eating and killing animals.

9. Stealing of food will never be there: They are not going to steal your food, so cheers for this one.

10. Food and Love fights are always treat differently: No matter how much you fight, you love them and your choice of food too.

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