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10 Inspirational Movies that you should watch to boost your morale!

10 Inspirational Movies that you should watch to boost your morale!

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There are some movies, and only some of them do not let you say “I can die for this” rather they give you hope to live more.

We cannot deny this fact that some movies can revolutionize our life and box office collection cannot affect their impact on the audience. These types of movies can change your life and can help you to get a direction in your life.

Here are some inspirational movies to inspire and influence your life in a better way:

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  • Fight Club (Materialism and Detachment)

Fight club is the movie which will give you multiple lessons and will describe the word ‘success’ in a more powerful way. Tyler Durden’s dialogues in this movie will just blow away your mind and will leave you to thrive on your own thinking and acts.

  • The Pursuit Of Happyness(Never Give Up)

Pursuit of happyness is a movie which can give you thousands of reason to not giving up. The way Will Smith emotes his emotion will give you goosebumps.

  • Taare Zameen Par(Every child is special)

Taare Zameen Par movie is one of the finest films of Aamir Khan in which he teach us to be different and to respect the talent of every kid because the human mind is more than these letters and so called education.

  • Into The Wild

Into The Wild is a biographical drama which helps you to change your thoughts and vision to see the reality of this not so glittery world.

  • 13 Hours

13 hours is a movie based on the attack of a US embassy outpost in Benghazi, Libya. This movie is a real script of lost battle but high hopes which gives you power to get up again and fight for your life.

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  • Guru

Guru is a biopic movie based on Indian business tycoon Dhirubhai Ambani. This movie shows the perfect pitching of real life struggles and this will give you hope of not giving up.

  • Swades

We all watch Shahrukh’s romantic and dramatic movies but Swades is an exceptional movie in which he has played the role of a scientist who lives in America but among all of his dreams and desires, he finds peace in his country.

Aa laut chal tu ab deewane,
jahaan koi toh tujhe apna mane

  • 3Idiots

3 Idiots is a movie based on the college life and the career of students. It helps you to realize the actual meaning of your dreams and the things you like the most. And moreover, why it is important to find the work you love.

  • Good Will Hunting

Good Will hunting is a very heart touching movie, containing deep conversations which helps you to know your worth and fell competitive.

  • Pumping Iron(Self Belief and Assertion)

This movie is based on the life of a body builder but not only restricted to that. The movie is more than the physical power and hits your inner strength.

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